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Pirna Bed: Shopping Guide

Given the Pirna Bed's masculine shape and stark hue, our designer's decided to carry a "manly" theme throughout the bedroom. The Jena Dresser and Nightstand add basic functionality to the room, while also complimenting Pirna's horizontal tufting. The mod grayscale color scheme carries to each piece, including the rug and artwork, which all contrasts beautifully with the added hints of lavender in the accent pillows. And gentlemen, no, lavender isn't just for girls. Finally, the Kara Lounge Chair and Bullet Lamp create the perfect lounge area, blending modern style with funtionality.

  1. Pirna Bed
  2. Weeping Petals
  3. Kara Lounge Chair
  4. Bamble Pillow
  5. Epalto Pillow
  6. Jena Dresser
  7. Jena Nightstand
  8. Brooks Rug
  9. Bullet Floor Lamp

posted on 8/15/2013



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