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Twilight - Blue



Availability: in stock
Dimensions: 48"w 19"h
Assembly: none required
Freight: $35.00 or less*

Twilight is a modern landscape piece with a clever blend of cool blues and soft browns in a bold abstract scene. The prominent arbor design gives this piece gentle character to balance the abstract flair of the circular moonbeams. The metal panel features a subtle random grind pattern on the surface, with crisp modern coloring in browns and shades of blue: light blue, royal blue, midnight blue, etc. The comfortable cool tones and abstract tree design are backed by an artistic full moon over the horizon, like a crisp summer night. The semi-transparent coloring process allows the decorative grind pattern on the metal panels to shine through while still taking advantage of the brilliant colors. 

detail views - click to enlarge

Detail view 1 Detail view 2 

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