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Bohemian Rugs for Sale

Express your personal style and add exciting color to your bedroom, kitchen, living room or even bathroom with our collection of affordable (you might even say cheap) boho area rugs! These designs perfectly combine fun, life and vintage style into a stunning home accent you're going to love!

Beautifully intricate prints, brilliant colors... Just for you!

Bohemian Area Rugs Just for You

Complimenting your chic style with one of our Boho rugs is the perfect way to liven up your space! Truth be told, we're loving the latest interior design trend that blends modern and boho style together to add these brilliant pops of life into otherwise subdued modern homes.

While we're naturally partial to modern style furniture, our designers haven't been able to help themselves the past few furniture markets! Meaning our collection is growing!

We're inspired by the Dean Jackson quote: "She dances to the songs in her head, speaks with the rhythm of her heart and loves from the depths of her soul..." We think these designs echo that sentiment.

As you probably know, Bohemian 'style' originated in the late 19th Century, and loosely translates to 'gypsy' in French. Perhaps it's the French roots that tie into so much of the European-inspired mod furniture we love...

But like almost all fashion trends, Boho has gone through some... modernization. These days, the idea behind Boho is blending vintage style with current, all while finding and curating a home full of pieces you absolutely love. Whether it's your grandmother's ring, a thrift store coffee table, or a tapestry you found while remodeling your house, we're big believers in carefully cultivating a home full of furniture and accents that are undeniably 'you.' 

So don't hesitate to forego new in favor of vintage. To choose classic over modern. After all, that's what we've done with this latest collection of bohemian floor rugs!

Every design features a classic throwback or vintage print in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some, like the Delilah and Trudy, are inspired by 1920's intricate lace patterns. Others nod to Persian inspiration, while still others are more modern takes, like our Ruth Rug.

Regardless of the print, we've chosen designs that are reflective of the life and culture of boho-chic and modern styles of today, so each of these rugs are cast in undeniably brilliant and modern colors.

From bright pinks and purples like Trudy to deep navy blue in Betty, and even eye-catching orange like in Douglas and Delilah, adding these striking rugs into your home will punch color, depth, and style into any room. And best of all? A vast majority of them are downright cheap! 

The key suggestion we would make to find the perfect rug for your space is choosing a pattern or color your love! And to take it a step further, we'd hedge toward pattern over color. After all, swapping colors in your home is easier than swapping patterns. Can you imagine rolling up and selling or donating a beautiful 8 x 10 rug just because the pattern isn't right?!? 

So, find the print you love. And from there you can just play off the colors in the rug. That's the best part of Bohemian style: you completely own it! Love the pattern in Kenneth, but hoping to have more than just a blue bedroom? Add a garage sale piece of art in orange and purple, or bed sheets in pink in green!

Runners are perfect for drab hallways or to brighten up your kitchen. Add a larger area rug to your living room or dining room to compliment your vintage furniture, or (like us) contrast your white Saarinen dining table base.

Regardless of which design you choose, this collection of Bohemian rugs online gives you an affordable way to change the entire look of your home by adding a stunning vintage print and bold colors you're going to love!



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