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Stylish Modern Bedroom Furniture for Your Home

At Modern Digs, we understand the importance of a comfortable, beautiful bedroom. Often times your bedroom can be your only refuge in the midst of a hectic schedule.

You want your room to be an escape - something you can get away to. That's why Modern Digs has everything you need to create a cozy, modern bedroom set. Not only will our bedroom sets look great when you use our modern bedroom pieces, but you will also have a relaxing atmosphere... the perfect place for a restful night of sleep.

We search the globe for affordable modern bedroom furniture and then bring you the latest styles and designs at the lowest possible prices. In fact, we back every item we sell with our Best Price Guarantee.

There's no need to wait for special sales or promotions when you already know you're getting the best deal around.

Whether you need a cool platform bed for your teen or an entire modern master bedroom suite, you can rest assured you won't find a better deal on modern contemporary bedroom furniture.

Modern Digs is your one-stop shop!

Tips to Design Your Ideal Modern Bedroom

Creating ideal bedroom sets can be a fun and exciting project. By thinking about the style you want, the furniture and decor that will fit that style, and the little details that will make it perfect, you can make a space that is uniquely yours.

Colors and textures in accents can play a big role in creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, so be sure to choose wisely. And don't forget the finishing touches-from bedding to lighting, these details can help you construct the perfect bedroom for you!

Five Easy Steps to Create Your Bedroom

  1. Consider your style

  2. Choose furniture and decor that fits

  3. Add colors and textures that will ensure a relaxing atmosphere

  4. Don't forget the little details

  5. Enjoy your new bedroom!

Consider your style

When creating your ideal bedroom, it's important to start by considering your style. What kind of atmosphere do you want to establish? Do you want a modern, minimalist space, or a more traditional look? Once you have an idea of what aesthetic you want, you can start choosing furniture and decor that will fit that fit your rooms.

Which types of bedroom items do you prefer? Warm Walnut bed frames versus sleek white lacquer or upholstered styles? What about dressers and nightstands? Do you prefer lower open designs, or perhaps something with more of a mid-Century vibe?

Browse through our categories, and start envisioning your bedroom set. If most of the pieces you like are wooden, you're probably more on the classic modern or mid-Century modern side of things. Prefer colors, or lacquered dressers and cabinets? You're probably looking for a more contemporary or minimalist look.

Choose modern bedroom furniture and decor that fits

Once you have an idea of the style you want for your bedroom, it's time to start choosing furniture and decor. Be sure to choose pieces that fit that aesthetic, and that will forge the look and atmosphere you desire.

If you're going for a modern look, choose sleek, minimalist furniture and decor. If you prefer a more traditional look, go for warmer wood tones and classic designs. And don't forget about colors and textures-choose accents that will embody a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Don't be afraid to mix and match looks either. If you like both traditional and modern design elements, why not incorporate them both in your bedroom? By mixing and matching motifs, you can design a unique and personalized space that is perfect for you.

At Modern Digs, we recommend creating your ideal modern bedroom set first, then accessorizing your space. When you're ready...

Add colors and textures that will create a relaxing atmosphere

One of the best ways to develop a relaxing atmosphere with our bedroom sets is by adding colors and textures. Think about what kinds of textures and colors you want in your space. Do you want light blues and greens to recreate a relaxing beach vibe? Or maybe a rich burgundy to add warmth on cold winter nights?

Be sure to add accents in these colors and textures throughout your bedroom. From bedding to throw pillows, from rugs to curtains, there are many ways to add color and texture to your preference. Experiment until you find what works best for you.

Don't forget the little details

Finally, don't forget about the little details. These details can make all the difference in creating the perfect bedroom for you. Choose bedding, curtains, rugs, and other accessories that enhance your style. And be sure to choose lighting fixtures and other details that will build the atmosphere you desire.

By taking all these things into account, you can furnish the ideal bedroom for yourself - a room that is perfect for relaxation, comfort, and rejuvenation.


Enjoy your new bedroom!

Still Not Sure Where to Start on a Bedroom Set?

Creating your ideal bedroom can be a fun and easy process. Above we’ve outlined five simple steps to get you started, as well as some tips on how to choose the perfect furniture and decor for your home.

Now let's cover the basics category by category:

  • Beds

  • Dressers & Chests

  • Nightstands

  • Mattresses

  • Bedroom furniture sets


Park Avenue Bed
Haru Bed
Modern bedroom furniture

Obviously, the workhorse of bedroom furniture is the bed!

All of the designs we carry are considered platform beds, so if you have no idea how to find the right furniture, start by getting inspired with our guide to the best modern platform beds.

The easiest factor to consider when choosing a bed is the headboard. In modern stylish bedrooms, the headboard is the most prominent furniture design element. Going for cozy and inviting? Consider a white upholstered bed with a plush headboard. Prefer warm and classic? Choose a design with a wood or leather headboard.

There are so many possibilities that it might seem overwhelming, but here's a good rule of thumb to follow: if you don't have the best eye for design, consider the contrast your bed will add.

The bed (and aforementioned headboard) is usually the focal point in a room, so it is best to choose one that contrasts your walls to really make it pop.

One of our most popular selections is the ModLoft Jane Bed. If you're looking for something low and simple, we recommend Akita - our popular Japanese Bed. Each of them boasts a cool modern shape - furniture that makes a statement in your room.

From upholstered to storage beds, our collection has you covered.

One last point of consideration: Modern Digs offers a stunning collection of bamboo bed frame designs that will enhance any bedroom. They're stunning, durable, and eco-friendly, so you don't have to feel guilty about your purchase!

Dressers & Cabinets

Park Dresser
Scarlett High Chest

The next big furniture category for any bedroom is dressers!

The last thing you want in your modern bedroom is personal items strewn about, ruining your "clean" look with clutter. So, as you shop, consider your clothes (you do need to store clothing, right?), pillows, blankets...

Dressers and chests save you tons of closet space in a small footprint making them a vital component in contemporary bedroom sets. It's easiest choose a dresser or two chests that adds to your storage options.

Like beds above, the main dresser decision you need to make is to match or contrast. Did you pick a gray upholstered bed? Add a gray dresser, or contrast with a wood or white instead.

Shop the collection now!


modern nightstands

After you've chosen a bed, you're on to browse for a nightstand or bedside table.

Like a dresser, a nightstand adds stylish furniture functionality and storage to your room. It's an ideal location for personal items like a book, and maybe a lamp.

We offer nightstands that can perfectly coordinate with your bed. Did you go with an upholstered bed? Choose a contrasting lacquer and glass nightstand. If the bed you love boasts a wood finish, finding matching nightstands is usually the best way to go.

If you're a design novice, as a rule of thumb, it's best to match your nightstand to your dresser.

Shop our collection now!



Finally, you'll need to choose a mattress!

Like a spouse, we sort of believe mattresses should be tried in person before you make a big commitment. If you're not picky about how your mattress feels/sleeps, shop our collection of innerspring and memory foam mattresses on sale now.

Bedroom Furniture Sets

Worried about missing items to finish your room?

We're making it easy with our pre constructed bedroom sets. These sets are chosen by our designers, matching a bed, nightstand and dresser or chest so you don't have to!

If you're not quite sure how to bring your ideal modern bedroom set together, make it easier on yourself by selecting a bedroom set. These sets include a bed frame and matching storage solution such as a dresser, nightstand or two, or even TV stand.

By purchasing a pre-designed bedroom set, you get a bargain price (like they're on sale!) and won't have to worry about choosing items that look good together. The hard work is done for you!

Save on the collection!


The final step is to search for accents! You might add a mirror over your dresser, or decor to your nightstand. Mayeb steal your favorite wall decor from the living room! ;-)

Save on our favorite modern rugs and accent pillows.

What To Expect When You Order

Once you make your online purchase on our website, the process is painless!

Most items include free shipping, fast delivery and all orders over $1,500 ship free*.

You'll notice as your browse our store, most items show their availability, so you'll know what sort of delivery timeline to expect when ordering.

When your order is in stock, it will be prepped at the warehouse, and then we'll send you an email with order tracking! For larger items, our carrier will contact you directly to schedule delivery!

Contact our sales reps for a trade account or help building a custom bedroom set.

Making Your Dream Modern Bedroom a Reality

You can find everything you need to complete a luxurious-feeling, contemporary bedroom with Modern Digs. Whether you have an eye for design or are unsure how to compile your dream room, our catalog of bedroom furniture makes creating your ultimate bedroom effortless.

If you're building a bedroom from scratch or even if you just want a few new items for your bedroom, Modern Digs can ensure your perfect bedroom becomes a reality. Get access to the very best modern bedroom furniture with Modern Digs.

Read our reviews for a full customer service report.

As always, please don't hesitate to email or call us with any questions! Modern Digs and company would happy to help you design your modern bedroom and help you select the perfect pieces.

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