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At Modern Digs, we understand the importance of a comfortable, beautiful bedroom. Often times your bedroom can be the last refuge in a hectic life, so we have everything you need to create a cozy, modern bedroom suite perfect for a good night's rest. Start with our selection of contemporary beds, then add a modern dresser and contemporary nightstands. We search the globe for affordable modern bedroom furniture, and then bring you the latest styles and designs at the lowest possible prices. In fact, our Best Price Guarantee backs every item we sell.

So, whether you need a cool platform bed for your teen, or a complete modern bedroom suite, you can rest assured you won't find a better deal on modern contemporary bedroom furniture any day of the year. And Modern Digs is your one stop shop; we also offer contemporary lighting, modern wall art and contemporary area rugs to add the finishing touches to your boudoir.

Tips To Creating Your Ideal Modern Bedroom

A classic approach to creating your perfect contemporary bedroom is to go minimalist. We're talking something approaching Italian modern: clean, simple. Picture white walls, striking mod furniture, all accented with pops of color in your area rug and artwork!

To create the look, we recommend starting out with our collection of modern bed frames. Our most popular selection is the Worth Bed, but your goal is to find a piece that speaks to you personally! Whether you're leaning towards something low-profile and simple, or even an environmentally conscious bed like a bamboo bed, find a bed with lines you love. When in doubt, we recommend choosing something simple, like the Prince, Coco or Air Bed. Each of them boasts a cool modern shape, and stylish materials that make a statement in your room.

Then add nightstands. You can go "matchy-matchy," especially if the bed frame you love has coordinating nightstands. Or, consider pairing your bed with something to contrast. As a general rule, your best bet is to add contrasting nightstands to an upholstered bed creating a cool, distinct combination. On the other hand, if the bed you love boasts a wood finish, finding matching nightstands is usually the best way to go.

Next, assess how much storage you need and what fits your space. In our ideal contemporary bedroom, we've got an amazing walk-in closet with built-in cabinets to store everything from shoes to skirts, and the bedroom itself is clean and open, leaving the focus on the bed... maybe an accent chair! But let's get real! We're all limited in one way or the other, and our collection of dressers and chests will add the storage need, and still match your style.

Finally, adds pops of color with accessories: vases, rugs and artwork! If you go with understated and modern furniture, you can create a modern and contemporary bedroom you'll love. And the best part is, swap out a few of the accessories, maybe paint a wall or two, and you've got an entirely new modern bedroom!

As always, please don't hesitate to email or call with any questions!

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