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Assembling Modern Digs Products

Every item on our site includes an "assembly" field in the description and falls into one of three categories:

  • No assembly required: These items are shipped fully assembled and once unpackaged are ready to go! Finish pieces (like drawer pulls) may need to be installed.
  • Minor assembly required: These items are typically shipped unassembled, but require just a few steps to assemble once they arrive.  Generally, items in this class can be built in about 15-20 minutes and include any specialty tools you may need.
  • Ready to assemble: Items in this category are often shipped "flat packed" or completely unassembled. Although merchandise in this group is not difficult to assemble, it may be time consuming. Often customers find it helpful to have a powered screwdriver on hand to speed the process.

Please feel free to e-mail us at or call us at (855) 663-3447 if you have any questions about a specific product, and we will gladly provide further details.

Merchandise Photography

At Modern Digs, we understand how difficult it can be to buy furniture on-line.  We therefore, pride ourselves on providing the very best products with the very best images.  Every item we carry is shot by professional photographers and color corrected to ensure image fidelity.  Despite these efforts, please keep in mind that your computer monitor and video card are entirely responsible for how you perceive the products so there is some chance for variance. Returning a product due to variance of color is still considered a return and all return fees would apply. Please e-mail us at or call us at (972) 468-8663 if you have specific questions about any product. 

Damage & Defects

We're incredibly particular about which manufacturers we work with, and which products we offer on our site. Our buyers do a careful review of all our products to ensure, among other things, that they're well-made, well-packaged and exceptionally likely to arrive to you in perfect condition! In fact, we've removed entire product lines and vendors from our site that proved unable to meet our criterion.

Thanks to these efforts, less than 1% of our shipments experience any sort of damage whatsoever. But sometimes stuff happens! We hate it too, but we try to make it as painless for everyone as we can. Here are our general guidelines:

We send out several e-mails with detailed instructions on how to receive your shipment - you should definitely read and follow them!

Damages fall into one of two types of categories: The first we'll call obvious damage. For example: there's a big forklift hole in the box when you're order is being delivered. These are cases where you've either signed for the shipment as damaged, or refused some portion of the delivery. In the vast majority of these cases we're able to ship a replacement, or collect the damaged/refused merchandise, waive our Return Policy, and issue a full refund. 90% of damages fall into this category, and you're also well-covered by your credit card's cardholder protections to ensure you're happy with the purchase!

The second type of damage is far more rare, occurring in approximately 0.1% of all shipments, and it's what we call "concealed damage." In short, this is either damage caused by the carrier that wasn't obvious when the order was delivered, or a defect in the product itself discovered after it is unpacked. We ask that you inspect your order and report any damage/defects within 48 hours of receipt. This gives us a tremendous amount of recourse with our manufacturers and shipping companies, and gives us the most flixibility to ensure you're completely happy! Failure to report concealed damages puts everyone (especially you) in a tough spot!

Our Return Policy is applicable on all shipped orders, but can be waived at our sole discretion.

Modern Digs is NOT responsible for additional costs incurred due to damage or defects in products.

Glossary of Terms:

ABS - A common thermoplastic used to make light, rigid molded products.

Bycast leather - Genuine split-hide leather manufactured with a protective layer of polyurethane for strength, durability and modern finish. Although bycast leather is often less expensive to produce than top grain leather, is easier to clean and maintain and generally has a more uniform grain pattern. 

Enamel - A paint that dries to a very hard, glossy finish.

Espresso - Dark brown color, also known as wenge.

Frosted Glass - Produced by acid etching or sand blasting a clear sheet of glass. The effect renders the glass translucent by scattering the light that passes through. Because glass is inherently green, the forced translucence generally enhances that color in the panel.

Lacquer - A clear or colored varnish that produces a hard, durable finish.

Leatherette - A form of artificial leather, usually made by covering fabric with a soft PVC layer with an artificial grain. Although leatherette is not as porous as leather, it requires little maintenance and is highly resistant to fading and cracking.

MDF - More formally known as medium density fiberboard, is an engineered wood product formed by applying high temperature and pressure to a combination of wood fibers, wax and resin. MDF is generally 3-4 times stronger than particleboard and is an excellent core for wood veneer products. Furthermore, MDF has no natural grain and, therefore, no tendency to split, is uniform in size and strength and is the most cost effective material used in furniture manufacturing worldwide. This balance of strength and cost in MDF is the main reason that approximately 90% of all furniture manufactured today consists, at least in part, of MDF.

Melamine - A durable, plasticized laminate commonly used over an MDF core in kitchen and bathroom countertops, as well as furniture.

Microfiber - A synthetic fabric specifically designed for softness and durability, typically made from polyester fibers. Microfiber is designed to repel liquids and resist staining, which makes it second only to leather in terms of overall durability of upholstered fabrics.

Powder Coat - A finishing process typically used for metals, including furniture, automobile and motorcycle parts. Although the finish is similar in appearance to standard liquid paint, power coating is generally applied electrostatically as a dry powder, allowing a thicker, more even finish (without running like a liquid paint). Power coat finishes are known for their durability, in particular.

PVC - One of the most widely used plastics in the world in everything from clothing and piping to furniture.

Silk-screened Glass -  A modern alternative to frosted glass, silk-screened glass is printed with a color on one side. Depending on the applied color, silk-screening minimizes or negates the inherent green color of glass by preventing light from passing completely through the panel.

Split grain leather - Created from the layer of the hide just below the top grain. Split grain leather has an additional layer applied to the surface which is embossed with a leather grain. Split grain leather is known for its balance between durability and value. Since split grain leather is more abundant than top grain it can be produced more cost effectively. Additionally, the manufacturing process minimizes many of the natural imperfections in the hide itself, while sustaining the natural strength of the fabric.

Teknit - A unique collection of fabrics offered on Ergocraft products with a weave similar to boucle (very small loops of fabric). This fabric is exceptionally soft and comfortable, yet durable enough to withstand 250,000 double rubs on an abrasion resistance test. California Fire Code compliant.

Top grain leather - Refers to the upper section of a hide closest the epidermis. Full grain leathers have not been sanded or buffed, so they still retain the natural variances and imperfections present in all leather. Correct grain leathers, conversely, have been sanded or buffed in an effort to minimize the natural imperfections in the hide.

Veneer - Thin layers of wood that are applied onto a core panel such as MDF. Generally, the finest logs are sent to veneer producers in order to make the most efficient use of rare and beautiful wood grains. Rather than producing solid lumber, veneer manufacturers can produce up to 45 times more usable veneer. In addition to preserving natural resources, veneer enables furniture manufacturers to design pieces otherwise impossible with solid woods that are much more susceptible to changes in humidity.




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