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There is no more restful place in your home than a cool, contemporary bed. Modern Digs offers a unique selection of modern beds for sale, each with clean lines and natural materials, designed to set your mind at ease. Our collection of contemporary bed frames offers a broad range of styles and colors at the guaranteed best prices.

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Find the Modern Bed of Your Dreams

So, we've done the easy part for you! We only offer the very best modern and contemporary designs from reputable bed manufacturers, scouring the furniture markets every year and helping you dodge the low-quality beds that don't offer the value you deserve! 

But, we get it, that leaves the tricky part of actually choosing your favorite design... We have a few tips to get you headed in the right direction!

First, the materials of construction on your bed are almost always the defining characteristic. It's what differentiates one bed from the next. The same low-profile bed  can look completely different covered in a white leather versus an Oak veneer, even if it has the same shape! When you're browsing our beds, try to picture each design actually in your bedroom. 

If your room is generally dark (walls, floors, etc.), we recommend shopping designs that incorporate white or light gray. These lighter color options will make your bedroom feel more open and clean, and create a beautiful contrast between the bed itself and the rest of your room.

On the other hand, if your bedroom is light, or has large windows and lots of natural light, we'd suggest going with a darker color design or something with wood. This approach will enable your bed to hold a visual presence in the space, and not get washed out in the natural light.

To simplify everything we'd say "find a cool bed frame you love that will contrast with your bedroom."

Beyond just color, though, that's where you want to find a design with materials that compliments your personal design sense and lifestyle. Some of our upholstered beds have clean, tight lines giving you a more modern feel, and some are looser or tufted, creating a more casual, relaxed aura.

Consider your pets and children. Our wooden bed frames hold up much better than a white leather frame if your four-legged friend is going to be up and down all day!

When it comes to materials there's a few things worth mentioning. 

Lastly, a key element of modern design is simple and clean lines. As you can imagine, platform beds that are designed to be modern also tend to be low - by design! The average platform height of our beds is about 14" with a 4" inset. If we assume your mattress is 8" thick, that means most of our beds will "sit" at about 18" - like a standard dining chair. However, several designs are noticeably lower! These beds boast ultramodern, mid-Century or even Japanese Zen-like appeal, and are among some of our most popular styles. Nevertheless, if you've got creaky hips or bad knees (age wears on us all!), we suggest sticking to the (slightly) taller frames!

What is it That Makes a Bed "Modern"?

There's a number of factors that go into classifying a bed as "modern." Primarily, the bed should have clean simple lines without any superfluous or ornate decoration or any kind.

When you consider our collection, it's easy to see that design pattern. Without exception, every bed has a headboard, footboard and side rails, with decoration limited specifically to accents on the headboard, the shape and materials of the legs, and subtle plays on the lines of the bed itself!

In other words, elements of a classic bed might have spindles, hand-spun legs, or intricate woodwork on the headboard. All of those are deliberately avoided in modern designs.

Instead, you'll notice bedframes with more subtle design elements: tufted headboards made popular in mid-Century modern designs, contrasting materials like wood and leather, or plays on lines like angled or curved headboards and side rails. Some of the more industrial designs we carry feature steel legs giving the bed an undeniably contemporary feel.

Another key element of modern design bed frames is the footboard. Or, rather, how completely the footboard is underplayed. In more traditional beds you might find a footboard that mirrors the design of the headboard, only in a slightly smaller stature.

With modern bed designs, the footboard almost always blends right in with the side rails. It's merely a piece that enables the bed to fully encase your mattress.

The final design element that really makes or breaks the feel of the bed is the exclusion of the boxspring. The typical boxspring is 8-inches tall, adding that height to the mattress and raising the entire sleeping surface. That's perfect if you're going for a certain look - but that look isn't "modern!"

Every bed we carry features a built-in slat system, known as a platform, making the boxspring completely unnecessary. There's a few benefits to this approach. For one, you don't have to buy a boxspring saving you a little money on your mattress purchase. (Plus, if you've ever moved a boxspring, we know you'll appreciate not ever having to move one again!) 

Second, eliminating the boxspring gives the entire piece of furniture a lower profile, which, of course, is a more contemporary or modern design element.

And don't worry! Today's platform beds are designed specifically to replicate what your typical boxspring does: support the mattress. In other words, your standard innerspring or foam mattress will work exactly as well on one of our mod platform beds as it would on a standard bed-frame-and-boxspring-combo.




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