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Started in 2010, featured stunning furniture designs that married tables, acrylic and planters. The main goal of the design was to combine stylish and simple furniture with multiple functionalities. With the ability to fill the furnibloom tables with your own plants, you could make it your own based on your tastes and personal style.

The furniture was well suited for growing flowers and herbs and, of course, for decorating purposes. The design's flexibility offered the possibility of developing FurniBloom into a furniture line.

FurniBloom was a great option both for big gardens or a small balconies where you could grow your own herbs, vegetables and flowers – and have a seating place as well!

FurniBloom’s designer, Dagný Bjarnadóttir, is a landscape architect and owner of the Icelandic landscape architecture firm DLD - Dagný Land Design. She holds a master's degree in landscape architecture from the Royal Agricultural University of Copenhagen.

Ms Bjarnadóttir’s work ranges from large-scale landscape projects to detailed, small-scale designs. Among her major interests are exhibitions and installations. Her latest design project was her contribution to the New Nordic Landscapes exhibition at the World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, where her FurniBloom furniture served as a layout for the Nordic countries’ landscape architecture project.

Best Quote from Furnibloom

From FurniBloom’s designer, Dagný Bjarnadóttir:

I feel that a good design gives some kind of wellbeing. It can evoke delight, surprise, joy - even laughter.

For me, good design usually grows out of a deep understanding of the subject and intuition – along with a feeling for the use of materials and aesthetics. Sometimes even psychology plays a part.

I work with the certainty that every project offers opportunities  to create an exciting experience and an enjoyable environment that improves the quality of life and better society.

What Furnibloom Was Known For

Furnibloom's bold designs were featured in the Stockholm Furniture Fair and the iF International Furniture Fair in Vilnius.

Partnerships with Furnibloom

Furnibloom's products earned mentions from design publications the world over, including large design blogs like DesignSponge and ArchitecturalArtDeisgns.

Acquired by Modern Digs

Furnibloom was acquired by Modern Digs in 2020 as part of our efforts to expand our design base, and create a shared space for outdoor design enthusiasts who love modern outdoor furniture. Whether they're looking for a stunning outdoor hanging chair or upscale outdoor ping pong table, we felt the pairing of with Modern Digs was a worthy endeavor.



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