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Make Your Friends Think You Hired An Interior Designer

Have you faced the fact that you have no sense of style? Do you consider "decorating" to be making the bed or removing the old pizza boxes from the living room? If you are lacking in the interior design department, have no fear! When you buy furniture and home décor items from Modern Digs, your friends and family will think you hired a pricey interior designer to spruce up your space.

You can find everything from lighting for the ceiling to rugs for the floor when you shop online at Modern Digs, and the best part? The furniture and accessories are so stylish, no one will ever believe that YOU picked them out!

Must Haves for the Bachelor Pad

While you're working on creating your sense of self and style, let's take a look at some "must haves" for all bachelor pads or any guy looking to impress. You don't have to rush out and purchase all of these items right away, but you should make sure you have a few of them to get the interior decorating story flowing.

Cool coffee table - Every guy's apartment or home must have a great-looking coffee table that will put your guests at ease and make them comfortable. A trendy coffee table may mean the difference between a quick cup of coffee after dinner or a long nightcap accompanied by your favorite Stallone movie (choose a chick flick just to really show off!).

Wet bar - Even if you don't drink, put a wet bar together and make sure it's fully stocked with the most popular spirits and mixes. Remember that ladies love vodka and juices, so having a top shelf import and cranberry juice for Cosmos on hand certainly will not hurt your chances of getting a second date.

Espresso machine or coffee maker, at the very least - If she does decide to stay for an after-dinner cup o' Joe or, even better, breakfast you better have a nice Espresso machine or coffee maker and high quality coffee on hand. There's nothing worse than a girl in need of her caffeine fix.

Wine rack - A nice selection of reds and whites arranged neatly in a wine rack will surely win you points. While you don't have to be a sommelier, you should at least be able to recommend a nice Cabernet with the steak you just cooked her or a lovely Chablis with the Halibut you grilled just for her.

posted on 3/6/2013



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