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Warm-Up with Contemporary Cool

"Soft and plush" . . . "warm and cozy" - not exactly the words that come to mind when you think about Contemporary design?  The good news is the streamlined, minimalistic characteristic which defines Modern decor - often monochromatic, metal and glass - doesn't mean your "cool" angular designs should lack warmth.  It is the perfect marriage of modern furniture with colorful, multi-textured accessories that adds the sense of comfort coziness.

Modern "Ahhh"someness

One of the best ways to warm-up any room is with the addition of an "ahhh" inspiring area rug. Whether your floors are tile or hardwood, you can sink your toes into luxurious piles of softness without compromising your sleek, simplistic Modern decor. Love black and white? Check out the Trostberg II rug! Not only is the 100% wool pile thick and soft to the touch, the unique black and white linear design remains true to any Modern Design purist's vision.

Color Me Happy

Perhaps you are thirsting for a little splash of color combined with a chaser of whimsical. Step out of the box and on to our Roza rug. Black outlined hot pink flowers dance side by side with ivory and softer pink pedals in this hand tufted rectangular work of art. Feeling blue? Our Gabin I rug also features a floral design, except this time the flowers are soft blue outlined with espresso brown, surrounded by a deep pile of ivory.


If you have indulged in a Spa treatment in the last few years, you are aware of the tantric colors the designers use to heighten relaxation. Soft blues intertwined with earthy browns and muted grays are the calming colors du jour.  Turn your boring bathroom into a stress-relieving en suite beginning with a soft touch underneath your feet. Modern Digs has many accessories in this color palette, but the Nord rug is exceptionally visually beautiful, while also perfectly designed to enhance your contemporary decor.

No matter which way your decor tastes take you, always keep in mind you never need to compromise your personal comfort in order to make a bold statement. There is nothing more Modern - than staying true to yourself.

posted on 5/1/2013



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