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Archer Modern Glass Desk with Drawers


in stock - get it 5/23-6/10


Archer Modern Glass Desk with Drawers


in stock - get it 5/23-6/10

$409.00  $347.00

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Product Description

Our Archer Glass Desk with Drawers is a sleek affair that almost has the feel of a cockpit.

Archer is centered on a clear tempered glass desktop and an ample drawer cabinet that appears to be suspended on either side of you. Finished in white, the cabinet adds cool functionality to an already stunning modern design.

Everything works better when it's intelligently designed and fresh to the eye, including you.

The Archer Glass Desk is a showpiece for any office. But it's not just about looks-it's also about function. The two roomy drawers provide plenty of storage for all your office supplies, while the tempered glass desktop is the perfect place to get work done.

A silver metal frame anchors the entire design, making Archer one of those glass desks you dream about!

So go ahead and spread out, because with the Archer Glass Desk, there's plenty of room to take flight.

Product Availability

This item is IN STOCK!

If you ordered today, we estimate it would ship in 1-3 business days and arrive to you 2-7 business days later.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 56"w 25"d 30"h
Assembly: ready to assemble

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Why We Love Glass Office Desks

Let's face it -- there's a ton of options when it comes to finding the perfect computer desk!

With Archer, you get a glass desk that's easy on price and high on style. From the tempered glass top to the built in storage, Archer embodies everything we love about clear glass office desks!

Clean Modern Design

Tempered glass on a computer desk creates a visual openness in your office space!

With a typical wood computer desk, the solid desktop absorbs light. Especially in smaller offices, this tends to create a walls-are-closing-in-on-me feeling!

One of the biggest benefits of a glass desk like Archer is the clear glass top enables light to disperse throughout the entire room. That's something you don't get even with other glass desks that have black glass instead.

Archer also forgoes a pull out keyboard tray, which laptops rarely need anymore anyway. And, again, continues the open feeling created by the clear glass.

The chrome steel frame and suspended white storage pair perfectly with the glass top, so you end up with a desk that's not only beautiful, but functional!

Glass isn't Trendy!

If you're a big HGTV fan (who isn't?!?), you know homeowners are often chasing the latest trends and styles. But how often do you buy a computer desk?

Do you really want something trendy, that will fall out of style in a season or two?

Glass top desks have been a staple of modern design and modern offices for literally decades. Archer doesn't fall for the latest trends plotline, and sticks to doing the basics right:

  • Clean, clear glass top

  • Sturdy silver metal frame

  • Built in storage

  • Skip the pull out keyboard tray

How to Choose a Glass Computer Desk

When it comes to choosing a glass computer desk, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first is size-you want to make sure the desk is big enough to fit your computer and other necessary items. You'll also want to choose a desk with a sturdy base that can hold up the weight of your equipment. And finally, be sure to pick a style that fits with the rest of your decor.


When it comes to choosing a glass computer desk, size is an important factor to consider. You'll want to make sure the desk is big enough to fit your computer and other necessary items. Some desks come in standard sizes, while others are customizable to fit your needs.

Measure your space and take note of the dimensions of the desk you're considering to make sure it will fit in your room. You should also consider the height of the desk. If you're going to be spending a lot of time working at your computer, you'll want a desk that is comfortable to work at.

Style and design

Be sure to pick a style that you like and that will be functional in your space. Consider the other furniture and accessories in your room and choose a desk that will complement them. If you have limited space, choose a smaller desk that won't take up too much room.


Price is an important factor to consider when choosing a glass computer desk. You'll want to find a desk that fits your budget and that has all the features you need. Be sure to compare prices online and in stores to find the best deal.


When it comes to choosing a computer desk, especially a glass desk, there's a few ways to get it right!

Measure your office space, along with everything you plan on setting on it. Be sure to check product dimensions of every computer desk to find to ensure a good fit in your space, while maximizing your work surface.

Glass desks are a great solution, especially in a smaller office. We think the Archer is a great solution, but be sure to check out our guide to the best modern desk designs to find the glass computer desk that's perfect for you and your office!




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