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The 10 Best Platform Beds for 2018

After downsizing and remodeling our mid-century modern ranch in 2016, my husband and I have been slowly curating the pieces in our home to give it just the right look and feel. We've been carefully choosing what we love, what fits the space, and items that make sense in terms of functionality with kid-pet-circus. So far, we're pretty pleased with our selections.

We've finally made our way back to the master bedroom, which always seems to be a bit neglected because, well... it's never on display. But, we want our room to feel like a retreat, so we've begun the task of finding the perfect bed to be the focal point of our bedroom. We decided to go with a platform bed for several reasons, which we'll get to!

In case you're ready to make your bedroom your own personal refuge, here's an outline of what were talking about below. Feel free to click and skip ahead!

- What is a Platform Bed?

- Types of Platform Beds

- Our ten favorites

- The 10 Best Platform Beds

  1. Wright Mid Century Bed
  2. Chelsea Modern Platform Bed
  3. Emma Upholstered Platform Bed
  4. Atlantic Storage Bed
  5. Mercury Mid Century Mod Bed
  6. Girdwood Acacia Wood Platform Bed
  7. Amsterdam Bed in Grey Oak by ModLoft
  8. Prana Live Edge Bed
  9. Sienna Bamboo Bed
  10. Oxygen Sheesham Bed

What is a Platform Bed?

Before we get in too deep, let's set our ground rules for what qualifies as a "platform bed." Maybe you're picturing a bed frame that rests on the floor without a headboard like something you'd see in an urban loft, or even something a bit more retro that would be found in a swanky hotel room during the 60's.

Actually, you're right on both accounts! But platform beds are so much more versatile these days, even more so than you probably realize. A platform bed is simply a bed frame that includes a built-in slat system so you don't need a boxspring.

If it's not obvious, that gives you a sleeker design, without compromising on comfort and functionality. And because you don't need to buy a boxspring, you end up with less bulk and more money to spend on decor (hint: Bohemian Rugs!).

As it turns out, all of the modern bed frames we carry are platform beds, which goes to show you just how much we like them, and how popular they've become.

What types of Platform Beds are out there?

Now that you know what a platform bed is and what we liked about them going into this, let's discuss the different styles and finishes they come in. Our hunt found four types of platforms we liked:

  • Wood
  • Upholstered
  • Lacquered
  • Platforms with Attached Nightstands

Wood Platform Beds

Just like most types of furniture, wood is the most popular material for construction because of its durability, versatility and overall beauty. Our selection ranges from planked Acacia wood to slatted eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo, muted gray oak veneer to an intricate Sheesham wood design.

All of these woods offer their own unique personalities, grains and textures to give each bed a different feel to fit your tastes. Whether you choose a wood bed that has a cool mid-century vibe or a low profile look to fit your minimalist lifestyle, there is bound to be one that is perfect for you and your bedroom.

Upholstered Platforms

Second to wood beds in terms of popularity are the upholstered styles. Particularly over the past five years, they've been gaining in popularity for two reasons:

  • Upholstered beds offer an inherent softness perfect for the bedroom
  • The array of colors and fabrics you can choose from far surpass woods

We carry a selection of upholstered beds in luxurious blue velvet, soft gray linen and even chic white eco-leather to fit a wide range of tastes and preferences. Plus, these upholstered beds have various detailing that gives them each their own feel, from weaving and channel tufting, to intricate stitching and even button tufting for a vintage vibe.

Even though wood has been more prominent in years past, we're seeing these upholstered beds more and more in modern decor because of the endless options that really allow you to personalize your space.

Lacquer Bed Frames

Another material gaining in popularity, especially in the Italian modern side of furniture, is lacquer. For the uninitiated, lacquer is a smooth (usually high-gloss) finish that gives your bedroom a modern look. Lacquer makes a statement because of its ultra modern styling and glossy finishes that can transform a space.

You can choose from standard colors like black, white and ivory or go bold and select one in red to add some color. Many of our newest lacquer platforms have optional LED backlight kits that can be added to make it even more striking. One of these beds would be perfect if you're furnishing a modern penthouse overlooking the city lights or an industrial converted warehouse where it will add a bit of contrast.

Since we're looking for more serene and less drama (kids are enough drama, amirite?), we didn't think this style would work for us. Nevertheless, we know it can be just right for someone looking to catch some complements and add a statement piece to their room.

Platforms with Attached Nightstands

Another option for a larger bedroom is one of our platform beds with attached nightstands. These beds have a large footprint and presence that is just what you need if you're looking to fill the space of a larger bedroom. Because of their low and wide appearance, they can help to ground existing furnishings. If you have high ceilings they can make your room feel more cozy and less overwhelming.

The variety of finishes like rich wenge, classic walnut or cool gray oak and optional comfy back rests or upholstered headboards give you plenty of choices to match your preferences and decor. Our bedroom is on the smaller side so unfortunately, these designs don't work in our space. Nevertheless, they're a lovely option for someone with more square footage.

Our Top 10 Platform Beds

And here are our picks for the Best Platform Beds (in no particular order!) with a short description and each of our takes on the designs themselves:

1. Wright Bed

The Wright Bed offers a mid-century style that is both classic and on-trend. This upholstered bed comes in three different colors of linen fabric, grey, blue and beige. Because of its simple and slim silhouette, the Wright Bed will go with most design styles and colors to make an all around great choice.

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She Digs: I love the look of this bed because I am a fan of all things mid-century and I can easily change up the decor of our bedroom by switching out rugs and smaller items while keeping this bed as the main staple.

He Digs: I also like the mid-century inspiration and low-profile lines. But a big part of the appeal of this design is the fact that it's... neutral. It doesn't feel too girly or too manly. It's the type of bed that would work well with a ton of different looks. I can see it pairing with frilly curtains, or dark masculine drapes.

2. ModLoft Chelsea Bed

If you're looking for the quintessential modern bed, this is it. With its chrome steel base and eco-leather fabric, this bed blends form and function to make it a great fit for any bedroom. The Chelsea Bed comes in white, pearl grey, castle grey and Eiffel Tower (charcoal grey) so you can choose the color that works best for you. The low-profile design is perfect for a smaller bedroom, too.

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She Digs: While I prefer wooden legs to chrome steel, I like the simplicity of this bed and the white eco-leather because it feels feminine and fresh. It can be placed against a dark accent wall (which I'm pushing for!) or surrounded by a gallery wall of pictures to make it stand out a bit more.

He Digs: I like the steel legs! They give Chelsea a mod aesthetic without taking it too far. I don't think Chelsea would fit in as many interiors as the Wright Bed, but it's still a clean, understated design. The divided headboard makes it easy to tell who's on who's side, so that would help if you share your bedroom with a bed hog.

3. Emma Velvet Tufted Bed

Velvet is big right now, in fashion and home decor and the Emma Bed will help you to keep your bedroom looking current. The Emma has a classic style with its channel turfting and the five and a half foot tall headbord adds a regal feel to any bedroom. With the choice of either grey or sea blue velvet, you can't go wrong.

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She Digs: I've never owned a velvet piece of furniture and I think this Emma Bed might be a fun first. The sea blue color is my favorite, but I'm not sure it will be as easy to coordinate with as the grey color. This bed would definitely make a statement and add some softness to our bedroom!

He Digs: I totally agree, actually. I don't know why, but I think the sea blue color is awesome. It's bold, and would make the bed a true statement piece in the room. I've never owned a piece of furniture that bright, so pulling the trigger on that one would make me nervous. I think if we chose this bed, I would want to go bold and blue.

4. Atlantic Storage Bed

At first glance, the Atlantic Storage Bed is a beautiful piece of furniture to behold, but one of its best qualities is hidden beneath the surface. The hydraulic lift component allows for easy access to the concealed storage space that would be otherwise wasted. Another practical feature is that the taupe fabric cover is water repellant and can be removed to allow for easy cleaning.

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She Digs: I'm amazed at how well thought out this bed is because who doesn't need a bit of extra storage under the bed, especially storage that is concealed and not just some plastic tub shoved underneath. And the soft curves of the bed appeal to me; they give it a relaxing feel.

He Digs: This is definitely one of the more subdued designs on the list. It's a staple that you would need to accent, which is always a good idea for large furniture items. I like the extra storage - the whole slat system opens up like a clam giving you a great place for seasonal clothes or whatever. That's sort of ideal in limited square footage (here!).

5. Mercury Bed

With a combination of eco-friendly bamboo and soft grey upholstery, the Mercury Bed is an example of classic mid-century styling at its best. A more modern choice of bamboo, rather than a more traditional wood material brings the Mercury Bed into the 21st century and gives you a sustainable product that you can feel good about. The sophisticated feel of this bed will take the look of your bedroom up a notch.

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She Digs: Another mid-century gem that adds the element of bamboo, which I appreciate. I am loving the look of the Mercury Bed and can even picture it with a lucite side table or maybe something more practical with a little storage. I like that you get the best of both worlds, the beauty of bamboo and the softness of upholstery.

He Digs: This is definitely one of my favorite platforms. I like everything about the design: from the bamboo construction to the tufted headboard and curved legs. It's easily my favorite bamboo bed, and the sustainability aspect is another notch in its cap. The more I look at it, the more I like it!

6. Girdwood Acacia Bed

Looking for a cabin-chic style? Then the Girdwood Bed is the one for you. With the Acacia wood planking that makes up the headboard and base of the bed, you get the rich look of wood grain that is contrasted by a modern silhouette. Top it all off with brass colored legs and you end up with a bed that adds a natural element to your bedroom.

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She Digs: I wasn't sure what I thought about this bed when I first saw it because the wood grain felt a bit too rustic for my taste. But, I keep coming back to it because I really like the style and who doesn't want their bedroom to feel like a cozy cabin in the woods?

He Digs: I would probably put this design on the manly side of the spectrum, which is a plus for me. I think the rustic element of it is cool, and would create a really great contrast with some other more modern pieces. That said, I don't think I would want the bed AND the matching dressers. That would definitely feel too off-the-grid for me.

7. Amsterdam Bed

When you see the Amsterdam Bed, the first thing you'll notice is the smooth grey oak veneer and angled black powder coated legs that give it a decidedly masculine feel and modern style. However, the shape of the Amsterdam is simple and clean to make it a blank canvas for you add color and texture or keep your bedroom a bit more stark with neutrals, if that's your thing.

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She Digs: The Amsterdam Bed is tall, dark and handsome, which I like. I think I would give it a more feminine feel with white bedding, cushy pillows and a delicate mobile or pendant lamp hung above the bed to soften it a bit. Overall, I like the rich, dark color that would contrast nicely with the white walls in our bedroom.

He Digs: I like almost everything about the Amsterdam. The lines are modern and simple. The materials are cool - I really like the concrete tops on the matching case goods. I tend to agree that it would look best in a room, softened with accent pieces that contrast the modern with classic.

8. Prana Bed with Live Edge Headboard

If you're into the live edge wood look, the Prana Bed might be just what you need in your life. The headboard is made of live edge French Oak and a blackened cast-iron plate to combine an industrial metal element with the natural feel of wood. The blend of wood and black steel legs round out the base of the Prana Bed to make it a platform that will stand out in any bedroom.

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She Digs: This bed is like a piece of art and because each piece of wood is unique, it makes it one of a kind. The live-edge wood appeals to me and I think with a bohemian rug and a macrame wall hanging, I could make this more industrial bed work for me.

He Digs: Another design that's definitely in my top 3. Maybe even my favorite... I don't think I would change anything about the design. It's a pricy bed, but Solid French Oak comes at a hefty price tag so I put that in the category of "you get what you pay for." The blend of industrial styling with the live edge headboard is amazing.

9. Sienna Bed

Another green product made of eco-friendly 100% solid Moso bamboo, the Sienna Bed offers a stylish and modern take on a slatted style bed. With the option of mocha or caramelized bamboo colors, this Greenington bed will fit with any decor style. The Sienna Bed has a refined and sophisticated feel to it because of the beveled edges and smooth bamboo surfaces that lend to its overall appeal.

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She Digs: An eco-friendly bamboo bed like the Sienna would be great and fits with our green preferences since we already have bamboo flooring. The slats give this bed a more casual feel than a solid headboard and I like the lighter caramelized color that makes for a relaxed vibe.

He Digs: So, like the Mercury, the Sienna definitely has the sustainability aspect I like. The slatted headboard and angled legs give it a subtle but modern vibe. I also like the Caramelized finish, but (for us) I'm not sure I love how it would pair with our flooring (which is darker). It's a classic design that would fit into any home.

10. Oxygen Sheeham Wood Bed

The Oxygen Bed is like a breath of fresh air and when placed in your bedroom will feel cozy and inviting. The solid Sheesham wood zig-zag detailing gives this bed a distinctive look, but the silhouette makes it feel classic and understated. The Oxygen Bed effortlessly marries a retro vibe with more contemporary wood detailing to appeal to many different tastes.

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She Digs: I really appreciate how the Oxygen Bed looks a bit more feminine than some of the wood beds we have picked and the grain of the Sheesham wood is certainly unique. The classic silhouette combined with the unique wood detailing is exactly what I like. It's unexpected!

He Digs: This is a surprising design for me, too. I don't see it as feminine, though. Well, I see how people could see it as feminine, with the slim tall legs and narrower frame. But I interpret it more as mid-century, and I really like the design.

In Conclusion

Well, there you have it! As you can see we have similar tastes in furniture, with a mid-century modern leaning and a fondness for clean and classic pieces. His style is decidedly masculine with a preference for dark, rich woods and edgier touches. And I like a more soft and feminine feel that combines my love of modern and vintage designs. Now we're left with the difficult choice of which one of these beautiful beds to bring home. But you can rest assured (pun intended), we've chosen the platform bed that will be the perfect blend of both our styles... The Oxygen Bed! I can't wait to get started on our bedroom now that we have the most important decision made. And with just a few more touches like paint, a rug, nightstands and a bench, our bedroom will be complete and ready for relaxation!

See just how we plan to complete our master bedroom by checking out the Oxygen Bed Style Guide!


Post written by Meagan Sykes with contributions from Kevin Sykes. Meagan is the Creative Director, and Kevin is a Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Modern Digs. Meagan and Kevin live in Austin, TX and love all things mid-Century modern.


posted on 2/5/2018



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