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7 Stunning Bamboo Bed Designs You'll Love for 2019

So, you're considering adding a bamboo bed frame to your life? I won't lie. Finding the perfect bed frame is difficult!

Even though we carry bamboo beds for sale, I can say that we've actually struggled for years to determine our favorite modern bed, and finally update our master bedroom.

Not to worry! We've got an amazing assortment of bamboo platform beds hand-selected to provide you the perfect blend of quality and craftsmanship. No matter which type of bed you're looking for, from traditional to contemporary, you're going to absolutely love these beds!

The 7 Best Bamboo Bed Frames for 2019

  1. Hosta - the best traditional Bamboo Bed
  2. Mercury - the best Mid-Century Modern Bamboo Bed
  3. Azara - the best Modern Bamboo Bed
  4. Currant - a stunning slatted design
  5. Sienna - bold yet Classic
  6. Cypress - blends leather and bamboo in style
  7. Winona - the embodiment of "bamboo bed"

I want to get into some of the perks of bamboo furniture for a minute, so feel free to click here and skip ahead to get to the good stuff!

Benefits of a Bamboo Bed

If you're on hunt for a bamboo bed, I would bet you're already pretty familiar with bamboo's myriad benefits. For the uninitiated, though, let's quickly sum up the big two:

Bamboo Is Ridiculously Durable

If you're around "that age," you've probably grown tired of hearing that "things just aren't made the way they used to be." Actually, I sort of get that... Maybe I'm getting old too!?

Let's go back quickly. 50 years ago the average piece of lumber came from a tree that was at least 4-5 decades old, and a 2x4 was actually, you know... 2-inches by 4-inches. My '58 Mid-century modern house had legit lumber - a full 4-inches by 6-inches used for the rafters!

Nowadays, the average piece of lumber is cut from a tree roughly 2 decades old, and don't get me started on "nominal" dimensions! #NominalIsShortForWhatItShoudBeNotWhatItIs

As any old-school contractor will tell you, wood just isn't the same as it used to be. So, bamboo is unique in that it grows faster and can be harvested substantially more often without compromising the quality of the lumber. AND bamboo is still 20-100% harder than Oak. So harder, more durable wood - faster. Not bad!

Bamboo is Eco-Friendly

Aside from the above mentioned fact that bamboo is viable for harvest way sooner than typical hardwoods, bamboo is also great for the planet even before it's harvested. Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than comparable tree stands, and our manufacturer uses 100% of the wood.

So, even before it's harvested and transformed into modern bamboo beds, you're choosing a material that's providing a net positive for the environment.

Bamboo has more benefits, but I think we've covered the major advantages worth pointing out. If you're interested in our complete line, you can check out more about bamboo furniture.

Now let's get to our Top 7 Bamboo Bed Frames!

Every one of these bamboo beds is crafted from 100% solid Moso bamboo, including the slat support systems. Additionally, every one is platform style, so there's no need for a boxspring.

Hosta Bamboo Bed

Hosta has roots in Danish styling, but its lines are perfect for the traditional bedroom. Hosta features a solid headboard and footboard, with a classic inset panels. The built-in slat support system replaces your clunky boxspring, giving the bed an upscale look with a hint of European flair.

Click here for EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS on the Hosta Bed!

Like several of these beds, Hosta is available in a golden caramelized finish. A favorite among bamboo enthusiasts, "caramelization" is actually achieved by baking the bamboo and letting the natural golden tones come out as the wood is cured. It's a chemical-free way to achieve a stunning and durable finish!

Mercury Mid-Century Modern Bamboo Bed

One of the newest and most popular additions to our collection, Mercury blends a solid Moso bamboo bed frame with a gray upholstered tufted headboard. We think the results speak for themselves!

Click here for EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS on the Mercury Bed!

Mercury's low-profile lines, angled legs, and rich brown finish all speak to interior design elements of the 50's and 60's. Horizontal tufting gives Mercury a softer side that's sometimes missing in hardwood beds. The included slat system enables you to pair Mercury with your favorite mattress, and upgrade your bedroom in style!

Azara Platform Bed

The most popular of our bamboo platform beds (hey, we sell modern furniture!), Azara boasts stunning and unexpected construction elements from top to bottom!

Click here for EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS on the Azara Platform Bed!

Curved in all the right places, Azara's tapered lines provide a clean modern look that pairs perfectly with the slatted headboard and angled legs. Azara features a Tiger accent on the headboard, with is subtle or striking depending on which finish you choose. Regardless, it's pretty easy to see why Azara is our best selling bamboo platform bed!

Currant Bamboo Bed

Our Currant Bed takes the slatted bed concept in a whole new direction, adding graceful curves to the classic shape.

Click here for EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS on the Currant Bamboo Bed!

Currant carries the curved theme to each piece of the bed, from the rounded footboard to the contoured side rails. Supported by angled legs, you've got a bamboo bed that's at home in any decor, from transitional to contemporary. Available in Caramelized or Black Walnut stains, you're sure to love Currant.

Sienna Bed

Sienna is the OG of our bamboo bed collection, and was my personal favorite until the Mercury came along. Like the Currant, Sienna puts a bold twist on the traditional, and re-imagines the classic slatted bed as something more.

Click here for EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS on the Sienna Bamboo Bed!

Sienna makes small elements beautiful: adding a slight angle and taper to the legs, beveling the side rails, and spacing out the slatted headboard. Each twist gives Sienna the bona fides of traditional style elements with the updated look of today. Available in several finish options, you can go classic caramelized or dark mocha to complete your dream bedroom!

Cypress Bed

Given the success of the Mercury, it's no surprise that our latest bamboo bed concept makes another stop by the 50's and 60's for a bonus round of inspiration!

Click here for EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS on the Cypress Bamboo Bed!

Once again pulling together beautiful materials in upholstery and bamboo, Cypress achieves a more sophisticated motif with a tufted black leather headboard paired with dark Havanna bed frame. Cypress' headboard harkens back to a day when kids played in the street and your father had afternoon drinks at work... Basically, Don Draper would love the Cypress!

Winona Bamboo Bed

When you picture a bamboo bed, we're pretty sure you see something like Winona in your mind's eye! Winona is the prototypical bed, placing just the right amount of emphasis on the beauty of its substrate.

Click here for EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS on the Winona Bed!

At home in any decor, Winona leans traditional with a few hints of contemporary appeal. Winona's curved headboard dips in symmetry with the footboard, which seems to really make the beauty of the bamboo pop. With larger panels than the other beds, Winona places an emphasis on letting the bamboo do the work, giving the bed a stylish appeal perfect for the purist.

And there you have it! Choosing to add a bamboo bed into your home is a pretty easy one - bamboo is easily one of the best materials available for new furniture. Sometimes finding the right design to complement your style makes the process harder, so I hope one of the above beds caught your eye!

As always, please feel free to call us toll free at 855.663.3447 or email with any questions!

Post written by Kevin Sykes. Kevin is a Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Modern Digs. Kevin lives in Austin, TX and loves all things mid-Century modern.

posted on 1/9/2019




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