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Currant Dining Table: Shopping Guide

How To Create a Modern Dining Room Everyone Will Love

Let's face it - you can't see eye-to-eye with your spouse on everything.

Almost everything... Sure! But every once in a while, there's that one thing... And a lot of times it's design.

You're wanting to create a space that's soft and inviting. Meanwhile your husband's trying to tie in his neon beer sign!

So, with our Currant Dining Table we set out to create a modern dining space that your whole family will love. It's a blend of modern "green" furniture, classic touches of brass and florals, all cast in a warmer, more masculine orange.

To start, since the Currant Dining Table's "green" bona fides are already there, we thought," why mess with that"? So we went ahead and paired other Currant items with the table like the dining chair, buffet and leaning shelf. All of these pieces give you the style and benefits of modern bamboo furniture you already know about!

Then we set about creating a blend of feminine and masculine, adding touches of both. Petals on Fire is a bold piece of art that we love to create that balance. The exquisite close-up floral photo adds a delicate feel, contrasting beautifully with the orange hues of the art itself.

Today's hippest fashion and design trend, copper, also makes an appearance in the modern and delicate Astra Pendant Lamp. This bold pendant offer aspects that both men and women can claim as theirs.

Lastly, to complete the space, adding function and utility, the Huxley Rug makes the room actually livable, while we picture the Colter Bar Stool tying the whole look into your kitchen space!

To get more details about these modern pieces, check out the items below:

  1. Currant Dining Table
  2. Astra Pendant Lamp
  3. Currant Dining Chair
  4. Petals on Fire
  5. Colter Bar Stool in Ochre
  6. Currant Sideboard
  7. Huxley Rug
  8. Currant Leaning Shelf

posted on 7/14/2016



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