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Currant Writing Desk: Shopping Guide

Mid-Century Meets Soothing in This Modern Office!

The Currant Writing Desk boasts a striking bamboo finish that makes the piece feel both organic and classic. This week we tried picturing it in a small office nook, and creating a modern and soothing space around it.

Currant's secretary-style design means it's ideal for smaller workspaces; you've got a good work surface on top and three functional pencil drawers. As long as you're not storing legal briefs, it's everything you would need.

With that in mind, we set out to create a space you could consider your work retreat.

We started with cooler tones in the accents. The plush rug offers a subdued gray, with a hint of blue. We pulled that tone out further in the coordinating artwork and accent pillow. The resulting blue/gray color palette is calming and subdued.

To compliment Currant's mid-Century bona fides we threw in some cool mid-Century modern accents. The Serena Floating Chair and Journey Side Table both offer form and function, while their clear silhouettes still leave the space feeling airy.

Lastly, the Engineer Low Back Office Chair and Tivat 2 Floor lamp, each in white, add the functionality you need to make the space really work!

Check out more details on these modern pieces below:

  1. Currant Writing Desk
  2. Faded Colors Wall Art
  3. Engineer Low Back Office Chair
  4. Journey Side Table
  5. Davis Pillow
  6. Tivat 2 Floor Lamp
  7. Serena Floating Chair in Grey
  8. Lucens Rug

posted on 6/30/2016