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Cyber Monday? Nothing to See Here!

When we started Modern Digs, one of our main goals was to avoid the typical sales tactics and games played by so many of our competitors. We wanted to sell modern furniture to people that appreciate design and aesthetics, without the gamesmanship of trying to trick people into buying right now. Even our site was designed specifically to be clean and modern. You're not going to find superflous (and completely made up) "suggested retail prices" with dramatic price cuts showing you a perceived savings (which, again, is completely made up). That's just not our game. We've got beautiful hand-selected products, and they don't go on sale. Period.

We don't shy away from this position, but we don't really broadcast it across our site either. So, inevitably this time of year rolls around and customers inquire about what sales we'll be running. Today we noticed Will Oremus over at has a great piece. It's titled The Unmitigated Inanity of Cyber Monday. That title sort of sums up our feelings, too.

Mr. Oremus notes (italics ours):

...Because retailers love nothing more than making consumers feel like they'll be missing out if they don't buy all the right stuff at the appointed time. Never mind that the whole point of online shopping is that you can do it at your own leisure, without having to miss work or school or Thanksgiving freaking dinner in the process.

Enjoy Thanksgiving. And your family. And life. Our great products will be here when you're ready.

posted on 11/25/2012



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