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Digs of the Week | 2.16.18

Welcome back! After a heavy week, a three day weekend awaits us and with it comes an extra day to hug your loved ones tight. I know I will be. Here are our 'Digs of the Week' for you to enjoy:


As a nod to Abraham Lincoln and the upcoming President's Day, here are the 101 Best Modern Cabins. I'm sure Lincoln would be impressed!

We shared Mandy Moore's newly renovated MCM home a few weeks ago, but her architect just this week gave us a look at her kitchen and we're loving it. The waterfall counters are stunning!

Speaking of Mandy Moore, did you see her pantryHere are the people responsible. Their portfolio gives me serious organization inspiration.

If you're looking to move, you might want to consider Italy. Sounds crazy, I know, but for one Euro you can buy a house! There are some requirements, but it's still a pretty incredible opportunity. Ciao!

Maybe you know someone else that has recently moved, if so, here are some great ideas for housewarming gifts.

We love this calendar idea from Alyson Hannigan! What a smart way to stay organized and never miss an appointment. 

Who wouldn't want an exact Lego replica of their home? This woman can make one for you if you're interested. Maybe I'll commission my children!

Photo: Benjamin Benschneider

posted on 2/16/2018



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