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Oxygen Bed | Style Guide

If you haven't read the Best Platform Beds blog post from last week, you should go check it out! And if you have, here is the Oxygen Bed Style Guide as a follow-up to show you what I am envisioning for our bedroom oasis.

To start, I chose the Bailey Rug because we have bamboo floors and I prefer a soft surface to keep the space cozy. This rug has a mod pattern in charcoal and ivory that keeps the look neutral and stylish. When choosing a rug for your bedroom, you'll want to choose one that is large enough to cover the open floor space and also tuck under the bed to keep your feet comfy when they touch the ground. 

The next thing to consider is what type of nightstands/side tables you would like in your space. Since the Oxygen Bed does not have designated matching nightstands, I was able to get creative and pick ones that fit our needs. For my side of the bed, I chose the Lilliana Nightstand because I love the girly feel and ample storage. I like to keep magazines, books, and various other items handy so I appreciate that it has two drawers of space and the blush color doesn't hurt either. My husband chose the Earls Side Table to serve as his nightstand and since he is a bit more of a minimalist, the single drawer is ideal for his needs. The Earls Side Table is the perfect masculine counterpart to the Liliana since the gold hardware ties the two together.

If you like to read at night or prefer to have an option for lighting other than a bright overhead light, you'll want a table lamp to place on your nightstand. I selected the Emmett Table Lamp because I like the versatility of the modular design since it will work for all of your bedside lighting needs. And the antique brass color complements the gold accents of the nightstands, too.

Most bedrooms have some form of seating, whether it is a chair or two or perhaps a bench, it's nice to have a place to sit and put your shoes on or take them off at the end of the day. For a smaller bedroom, you might not have space, but I like the idea of a bench at the foot of the bed. The Sunshine Pebbled Velvet Bench is my favorite color and is just the thing to give an otherwise neutral bedroom some life. The yellow pebbled velvet seat and the clear lucite legs are simply perfection.

Finally, to add some color, pattern, and texture, I chose a few pillows that I think will give the room just the right touch. At the top, the Meagan Pillow is a colorful choice with embroidery and shell details that make it bold and unique. In the middle is the Square Tibetan Sheep Pillow in a two-tone brown and white design that will add a soft, natural feel. At the bottom is the Beautiful Life II Pillow in black with white writing to add some contrast and a little inspiration.

As I mentioned in the Best Platform Beds blog post, I would like to paint the wall behind our bed a dark color similar to the color shown above. The Shopping Guide really helps to visualize the space, don't you think? As far as decor on the walls goes, I'd like to keep it simple. I'm thinking I might attempt a macramé wall hanging like the one shown (which I found here) and adding some framed pictures on the walls, but not too many because I want our bedroom to feel like a retreat, remember?

Well, there you have it, our future bedroom. Now the real trick is making this lovely image come to life!

posted on 2/13/2018



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