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Mixing & Matching Dining Chairs is Child's Play!

So, there you are...

You're reading her latest blog post, and you're anxious.

Yup... Here come more photos of her beautiful home. Every time you see that dining room you think to yourself, "I wish I could mix and matching dining chairs like that! It's so hip and fun! I just don't have her style..."

Well, guess what? We've got your back!

As you probably know, there's tons of great posts online to get you inspired. Here's some cool examples of eclectic mix and match dining rooms, and here's an even larger collection at Decoholic.

But how do you get those amazing looks? How do you take that inspiration and actually apply it to your home?

Mixing and matching modern dining chairs isn't nearly as hard as you think! 

We found a great "how to" guide, which got us thinking... Can we make it even easier?

We think we've got it. In fact, we're going to make it child's play...

Think UNO.

The rules of UNO are pretty easy, but let's apply them to your hunt for the perfect set of mixed and matched dining chairs.

Rule #1: Color to Color - Finish to Finish.

There's only a few legit plays in UNO; one of the easiest is playing one like color after another. Your son plays a red 8. You drop a red 5, holler "UNO," and break into a dance... Wait... is that just us?

Let's say you start with our classically inspired Charlie Dining Chair. It's white and wood, so you've got two color choices to which you can match.

For example, you could go with the Black Charlie Dining Chair, a white Fauna Dining Chair, or even our purple velour Probability Chair.

posted on 1/11/2023



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