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Love Mad Men Roger Sterling's Office?

If you're anything like us, you loved the hit TV show Mad Men from start to finish! Viewers fell in love with the AMC series for a variety of reasons - steamy storylines, incredible character development, and award winning scripts, of course! But the morning after water fountain chatter didn't just center on Roger and Don's latest antics. More often than not, Mad Men addicts discussed the allure of the 60's set design and authenticity of the hairstyles and fashion.

The womanizing, chain-smoking, heavy drinking Roger Sterling not only had a penchant for young, beautiful women - he also d impeccable taste when it comes to his office decor. Almost in direct opposition to his complex personality, Roger surrounded himself with all-white furniture, each piece a classic representative of the 1960s-era.

His office came to represent a microcosm of the 60's - modern manufacturing gave way to striking new designs in furniture, clothing, you name it, but the grounds of social change were just in their infancy.

Sterling Minimalism

Roger's minimalistic style displayed in the seating area, features an Eames for Herman Miller sofa, Corona chair and Saarinen table and stools. Perhaps as mesmerizing as the man himself, a hypnotic pattern of black circles on a white background defined the wall space behind the area. The only splash of color in the entire office space is displayed on the couch - two bright orange round throw pillows purposely placed with a lime green triangle accent pillow nestled in between.  
Never far from his lips, Roger's intimate martini bar, is a two-tiered glass and steel table carefully placed within steps from his oval desk. The sleek glass table is topped by a round glass ice bucket, a bottle of Beefeater, Smirnoff and a couple of martini glasses waiting to be filled with his favorite libation - the Gibson.

Classically Oval

Perhaps the most talked about piece of furniture in Roger Sterling's office is the now highly sought after oval desk. His work desk is a marble-topped, all white, Saarinen Tulip table. Other than the unique mushroom-shaped Nesso table lamp, the desk top, like the rest of his style is clean and efficient. A black oval desk mat and a black phone perfectly set the black and white theme of the small space. Last but not least, a provocative black and white abstract framed art piece hangs directly behind the desk.

If Roger Sterling's minimalistic style has inspired you to "get the look", Modern Digs can help you achieve your Mad Men makeover. From the perfect chair to the unique accent lamps and artwork, together we can turn your not-so-exciting office into a Sterling-esque work retreat.

How To Get Roger's Mid-Century Mod Office

To start, we load up the space with classics from the era, just like Roger. Our Cora Floor Lamp, Fortress Sofa, and Echo Dining Table all boast mid-Century mod street cred. The white marble Bleecker Coffee Table and Side Table would fit into the space, perfectly matching the Mad Men Set. From there, we just added in the cool Orange Avenal Pillow, Neo Lounge Chair and Lucia High Back Office Chair. Each of these designs fits into the classic motif, and will easily transform your space into Roger's upscale mancave of an office!

Click on any link below for more item details!

  1. Cora Floor Lamp
  2. Avenal Pillow in Orange
  3. Mercury Vortex
  4. Bleecker Side Table
  5. Neo Lounge Chair
  6. Fortress Sofa in White
  7. Roger Dining Table
  8. Lucia High Back Office Chair
  9. Bleecker Low Coffee Table

Updated 2/6/2019

posted on 4/15/2013



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