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Your Walls CAN Talk

When it comes to home decor, nothing expresses "You" more than the art you surround yourself with. After your room is freshly painted and the furniture is perfectly positioned, it is time to shop for your accent pieces for table tops and walls.

Whether you are going for sleek modern sophistication or for that urban Soho-loft feel, Modern Digs has the affordable art pieces to express your passion for contemporary design. Before you shop, it is important to get-in-touch with the mood you want your artwork to invoke. What story do you want your walls to tell?  If calm and relaxation is what you desire when you walk in the door, consider serenity inspired landscape works of art. Pieces like Aqua Serene, Tranquility and Sun Down, can literally transport you from the stress-filled roars of the corporate jungle, to the soul-soothing ocean sounds of your own private island.

If your personality is more Manhattan nightclub than Yoga retreat in Cozumel, then the bright colors and provocative subjects captured in Modern Pop art, might be more your style. Art pieces like Mornos and Krathis reach out from the canvas with simplistic use of colorful brushstrokes. Whereas, works like Basis, Three Sheets and Nicole - feature the female form in various artistic positions embellished and embraced with the artist's individual passion for color and eccentricity.

If you find yourself bored by anything in a frame or stretched across a canvas board, you may be more of a wall sculpture personality type. Metal wall sculptures are captivating, interesting and beg the eye to pay attention. Wall panel sets usually contain three pieces of the same size and texture detail. Modern Digs carries a variety of panels consisting of solid metallic colors such as copper, silver and bronze as well as panels that offer a variety of movement expressed in various shapes and color combinations. The Benoit, Terrain and Agnate wall sculptures marry geometric shapes with an eclectic blend of bright colors to produce a stunning piece of art that will define any modern decor.

Perhaps your style as well as your personality is very hard to pigeon hole. If so, you may find yourself more drawn to Abstract art. Modern Digs carries an extensive collection of affordable Abstract wall art. From the smooth liquid gold flow of Amber Ribbons to the chaotic expression of color conveyed in The Merge, our walls have your taste and style covered.

As with all the rest of your decor choices, the most important thing to remember is to choose artwork that not only speaks to you - but also reveals your true self to your invited guests.

posted on 4/10/2013



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