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Mad Men: Masculine vs Feminine Decor

We love all things Mad Men, from the authentic fashion and set design, to the expertly developed characters and relationships. We can't help but be drawn into the world of Don Draper, whether he is working at the office, relaxing in his spacious apartment, or (rather awkwardly) crashing at Megan's eclectic home in LA. As Mad Men begins to wind down with its seventh and final season, we can't help but notice the changes between Don and Megan's lifestyle, reflected in their choice of decor. Both spaces are thoughtfully decorated and a perfect representation of where they have chosen to live and how they have grown apart, literally and figuratively. On the bright side, we get a chance to appreciate two very different design styles of the late 1960's. We have put together some items to help you achieve either look in your home, with a modern twist, of course.

Megan: The Feminine Bohemian

Upon her move to LA, Megan has come into her own and developed an identity and taste outside of Don's. She has chosen to live in the Hollywood Hills as opposed to a more urban dwelling, much to Don's dismay. She lives a simple, laid-back life in her brightly-colored, west-coast abode. Megan is happy and at home in LA and it shows in her choice of lifestyle, fashion and decor. There are a few key design elements to remember in order to achieve Megan's decor style; choose color and pattern in brights and earth-tones; keep it comfy with pillows, rugs, throws and curtains, bring nature indoors with plants and wood furniture; metal accents should be soft and warm. We think Megan's decor style is feminine and free-spirited, with a mix of new finds and old favorites - perfect for someone wanting a bohemian look. Hey, you may not be able to have her husband, but you can have Megan's style in your home!

We've chosen a few favorites to get you started: (moving clockwise starting with the) Rockwell Chair, Fausto Pendant Lamp, Square Tibetan Sheep and Meagan Pillows, Carey Bench, and the Zandi Pouf.

Don: The Masculine Modernist

We all know and love Don's meticulously decorated NYC penthouse that has been showcased the past few years in various Mad Men episodes. It is of true mid-century design and we think it is a perfect fit for Don, who is dependably complex. His space is effortless, which is good for someone whose life is overly-involved. At least Don has a place to unwind where everything is in order. We have a few guidelines to follow in order to get a pad like Don's; choose neutral furniture with clean, modern lines; add accents of rich color and minimal pattern; mix shades of wood, adding glass and metal sparingly; soften your space with lighting, using table and pendant lamps. With all of the turmoil in Don's life over the years, we think it's a good thing that his haven hasn't changed much. After all, it is flawless and its masculine, modern feel suits him so well. You may not want his messy life, but we're sure you could get used to his style!

Go masculine with our picks: (clockwise starting with the) Splitback Deluxe Sofa with Arms, Allura Coffee Table, Grande Lounge Chair, James Pendant Lamp, and the Indian Wells and Dapper Pillows.

Who knows what the final episodes of Mad Men will bring, but we know for sure there will be plenty of drama and style to go around. And in the meantime, we can help you achieve the Feminine Bohemian or Masculine Modernist look for your space, whether west-coast, east-coast or somewhere in the middle.

posted on 6/9/2017



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