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Delancy Dining Chair: Shopping Guide

The Delancy Dining Chair in White has been one of our most popular designs over the years. Its cool, curved and contemporary lines make it an easy addition to any dining room. Manufactured by ModLoft, a vast majority of our customers pair it with its counterpart: the Astor Dining Table. Today we tho...   read full post »

posted on 5/18/2016


Modern Office Desk: To Sit or Stand?

How Standing Desks Became a Craze Standing desks have been a craze for a while now, with seemingly every new start up boasting about their open concept office space and new standing workstations. We say craze though, because much like that guy at the CrossFit gym or your mom and her Acai berry clean...   read full post »

posted on 3/23/2016


The Story on Live Edge Dining Tables

Live edge tables are experiencing a sort of Renaissance. You've probably seen one and wondered what it was. So what is a live edge dining table? How is it made? Why are you seeing them everywhere? And are they really that cool? Don't worry; we've got answers for you! Live edge designs have been arou...   read full post »

posted on 2/24/2016


The 30 Coolest Dining Chairs for Your Kitchen Ever

Your Modern Kitchen Deserves the Coolest Chairs! Whether you're at your favorite bar, restaurant, or girlfriend's house, they catch your eye immediately. You feel a flutter of interest, followed by questions. What is that? Where did it come from? Could it work in my kitchen or dining room? We've wor...   read full post »

posted on 2/19/2016


Blake Sectional: Shopping Guide

The Blake Sectional in blue is a classic Mid-Century modern piece, with bold styling and striking lines. Our designers thought it would be fun to pair Blake with two other mid-Century modern inspired pieces: the Jewel Coffee Table and Gaultier Side Table - both in a brushed gold finish. Jewel's cool...   read full post »

posted on 10/6/2015


5 Most Common Bedroom Decor Mistakes

As fans of modern furniture and mid-Century styles in general, we sometimes get wrapped up in the "lines" of a particular piece of furniture, and lose sight of the bigger picture: how should this room feel? Today we'd like to visit the bedroom, and talk about common design mistakes that overlook the...   read full post »

posted on 10/1/2015


Is Staging Your Home Worth It?

Whether it's a big promotion that has you moving to a new city, or a new passion catching your interest, big life changes are inevitable. At any given life stage there's opportunities where selling your house is a logical next step. And once you've made that decision, you can expect questionable adv...   read full post »

posted on 9/22/2015

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