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16 Modern Console Table Ideas Perfect for Your Entry

At Modern Digs, we have modern console table designs that will take your breath away! These versatile pieces of furniture are great for displaying your favorite decor items, and with their narrow shape and size, they can fit in even the tightest spaces! They don’t have as much storage as a sideboard, but they can often fit in a smaller space. They can function similarly to a side table or accent table depending on where you place them.

Our favorites designs for 2020 are below, so feel free to skip ahead. But if you want to know more, let's being by covering the basics!

What is a Console Table?

Console tables are a type of accent table that serve a decorative and functional purpose in your home. They're slim and narrow in shape and are usually set against the wall (as opposed to freestanding like a dining table or coffee table). In many cases, they're used in entries, often paired with a pretty mirror so that you can check your appearance on the way out the door.

Where Should a Console Table Go?

While console tables are often placed in entry areas, they can also be perfect for hallways, offices, behind a sofa in your living room, and more.

What is a Console Table Used For?

Console tables are frequently used in entries because they're a great place to set your keys and mail down when you walk in the door, but that's not the only place where you can put your new console table. Do you have a narrow space near your sofa where you often find that you need to set things down? Perhaps a console table would fit the bill! Do you have a hallway that needs a little bit of storage space and a decorative touch? A console table may be just what it needs.

Below you’ll find sculptural modern console tables that are a work of art on their own, along with simpler sofa tables that take a backseat to the rest of your décor. Some console tables have roomy drawers for hidden storage, while others have an ultra-slim profile. Whether you love mid-Century furniture, sleek modern styles, shiny metal or rustic wood, keep reading to see our favorite console tables! And at the end of the article, we’ll share our best tips for styling your console table so that it always looks its best.

16 Best Modern Console Table Designs for 2020

  1. Catrine – luxe with marble and metal
  2. Egon – mid-century modern and functional
  3. Prague – an art piece for your home
  4. Tarzana – rustic mango wood and roomy drawers
  5. Texture – live edge teak with an unusual base
  6. Beckenham – modern and minimalistic, but far from boring
  7. Hanover – Crocco leather top and multiple sizes available
  8. Biotic – live edge acacia for a rustic appeal
  9. Noori – blends Japanese minimalist/mid-century style
  10. Praetorian – an hourglass-shaped piece of modern art
  11. Salk – industrial appeal with wood and concrete
  12. Finch – abstract-shaped base and a solid oak top
  13. Dove – live-edge teak and contemporary sophistication
  14. Donald – handsome, bold, and substantial
  15. Clinton – geometric and asymmetrical, yet classic
  16. Gilded – luxe gold from top to bottom!

posted on 1/13/2023



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