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Modern Family's Colorful Decor - Get Gloria's Look

In the wildly colorful, character-driven ABC comedy series "Modern Family," there is so much to love, it is hard for the senses to take it all in. No doubt, the massively award winning hit has struck a chord with TV fans with its brilliant casting, genius writing and high laugh-per-minute factor. But it is not just the funny-bone that has been titillated by the new series, the exquisite taste displayed in every room of Gloria and Jay Pritchett's upscale home has caused quite a stir with fans.

Modern "Lust Haves"

If you are like many "Modern Family" enthusiasts, you are not only addicted to the characters, you are enthralled with the interior design of their homes - especially the digs which express Gloria's personality. More than specific story lines, the internet is buzzing about... "how to get a hold of specific furniture pieces" seen in the Pritchett's minimalist modern home. As bold and colorful as Gloria herself - the dining room, kitchen and master suite draw you in and are so fabulous, the decor can actually upstage the actors.

Cooking-Up Modern Sophistication

To achieve Gloria's salsa-savvy look in your kitchen and dining room, start with modern tables and chairs designed with clean lines and neutral colors. Express your specific brand of flamboyance with creative, colorful accent pieces and wall colors. With Gloria's flair for the dramatic, she has matched zebra upholstered bar stools with deep red accent pieces. Both the entry way into the home and the kitchen showcase differently painted walls, some crimson - some mocha and others a variety of gray. With the open concept highlighting the home's interior furnishings, the clean minimalistic lines flow from one room to the next.

Contemporary Bedroom Bliss

Very rarely do we get a glimpse into Jay and Gloria's boudoir, but when we do - "Modern" magic takes place. Probably one of the most sought after pieces of furniture featured in the couple's home, is the ultra-cool urban style bed which actually looks like it's floating above the floor. The contemporary platform bed is accented with coral colored pillows and throws, which is surrounded by earth-tone painted walls and a mixture of traditional and Modern accent pieces of furniture. Perhaps this is the set designer's way of blending Jay's mature machismo with Gloria's youthful Columbian spice!

Knowing the look you want can be the most difficult thing to achieve. Now that you have identified the perfect model home that reflects your style - the rest is easy. One tip - as you head out the door to shop for your new Modern furnishings, no need to go full-out Gloria - leave your stilettos at home!

posted on 4/5/2013



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