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What Your Furniture Says About You: Go from Geek to Sleek

How you decorate your home says a lot about you, and furniture and decorations (often called "accessories" in the world of home decor, guys) including colors, patterns, fabrics and particular accessories may give away a lot about who you are--your personality traits and basically how you live.

Bad Habits Die Hard

If you're a private person and don't entertain much, or if you could be on an episode of "Hoarders" and don't have many visitors, decorating is probably not at the top of your list on how you want to spend your free time. You may think those eight pizza boxes make a great coffee table or that hanging your shirts over the windows counts as curtains.

Making the bed does not mean throwing the comforter over the rumpled sheets, clothes and week-old French fries that lie underneath. While you and your buddies may be impressed with your sense of adventure and creativity when it comes to "decorating," chances are the women who visit will not be quite as impressed. Keep in mind that there's a reason why shows like "The Bachelor" are not filmed on location at the guy's house--the red roses would probably wilt from the stench of their surroundings and the beautiful young bachelorettes would bolt before the champagne was even poured!

Live Like a King on Almost Any Budget

If you're a guy and don't know a lot about how to decorate a home or apartment with throw rugs, accent pillows, art work and other accessories, you can find home furnishings you love and create the living space you have always dreamed about--the home that's going to wow your friends and make you the envy of the neighborhood--for a reasonable amount of money. A beautifully furnished and decorated home will show the ladies that you have style and care about their comfort. If you live in a messy, undecorated, smelly bachelor pad, you may be a bachelor much longer than you had planned.

Look for easy-to-care for items, especially if you're a busy bachelor. Items that don't require a lot of upkeep are leather furniture (spills can be wiped right off easily), simple lamps (that don't collect a lot of dust) and wooden floors (to eliminate the need for frequent vacuuming). Roman shades, unlike blinds, look sophisticated and don't need a lot of attention because they don't collect dust as much blinds.

When it comes to colors, less is more, so stick to a two- to three-color scheme in your home and only buy items with those colors in them. Black and white is a very modern and manly color combo, but these colors can also create an austere look. To combat this, simply ad splashes of color with throw rugs and pillows for the couch and bed that are not black or white.

The Modern Digs concept is simple: "Excellent design at lowest possible price." When it comes to furnishing your home, Modern Digs has the variety you want at the price you need.

posted on 1/23/2013



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