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Why Wait for It? Live Like Barney Stinson Now!

If you've followed the sit-com "How I Met Your Mother" for the past several years, you know that the character, Barney Stinson, has become a household name. Barney, the consummate bachelor, except for the occasional girlfriend for a few hours, is a "man's man" who could use a little refinement when it comes to his perception and treatment of women.

He actually lives by a "code," a number of strategies and rules designed to meet women, bed them and then discard them. While Barney may not have the best moral compass, he dresses well and lives well. Stocked full of sleek modern furniture and Star Wars memorabilia, his Manhattan apartment is the envy of thirtysomething men all over the country.

Are you a bachelor who envies the Barney Stinson way of life? Do you dream of living in a bachelor pad similar to Barney's? Modern Digs can provide the Barney Stinson legen-dary style of living and the best part? You don't have to "wait for it."

Barney Stinson's Apartment--Lavish and Sleekly Furnished

Barney's East 84th Street and 3rd Avenue apartment in Manhattan has two bedrooms--one for him and any female conquests who join him and one for his designer suits. He owns two 300-inch flat screen TVs installed in the walls of his living room and bedroom. A life-sized Stormtrooper resides in his living room because, according to Barney, it's "just awesome."

Men love a mini-golf set right? Well, whereas some men have one in their office, Barney has one in his home. Barney's decanter set oozes class and certainly looks better than a kitchen shelf with half-full liquor bottles. How many men have a Samurai Sword displayed behind their living room couch? Barney does and it's quite the conversation piece.

And, last but not least, there's Barney's GoPro Camera in his bedroom. We won't go into what that is most likely used for.  (Photo courtesy of CBS)

Barney's apartment is decorated with modern furnishings including sleek black furniture and neutral paint colors. There are no antiques and the apartment is spotless. Barney has definitely chosen the minimalist approach with a coffee table, lamp, rug and bar stools. Of course, he has a king size bed in the bedroom even though his female guests usually don't get to enjoy the roominess more than a few hours.

Modern Digs has the contemporary furniture you need to live like Barney or just to live well and comfortably on most budgets. Modern Digs is your one-stop shop as not only do we offer furniture for every room in the house; we have accessories, art, and lighting you need to put the finishing touches on your modern digs!

If you can't afford the 300-inch plasma tvs and closet full of designer label suits, have no fear. Here are three basics to start building around to get the contemporary living room you crave:

  1. The ultimate 'mood lighting' lamp - Raku Floor Lamp
  2. Bar stools to keep the party hopping all night - Matteo Bar Stool
  3. The sofa that chicks won't want to leave - Cassius Sofa

Modern Digs Furniture is the premier bachelor pad adornment provider. We can help you get the look that gets the girls or just get the look that expresses your awesome sense of style.

posted on 1/16/2013



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