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Why Modern Bar Stools Can Work in Any Kitchen

A kitchen remodel is no small thing. For most people, you're talking about spending thousands of dollars renovating one of the most used spaces in your home. Not only is it expensive, it's really inconvenient!

One thing we've noticed recently, though, is how often modern bar stools are included in updated kitchens, regardless of style. The trend isn't just in modern homes. Modern bar stools seem to work well in almost any style kitchen; country to contemporary, bauhaus to farmhouse. Which got us wondering, why is that? What makes modern bar stools a go-to choice for designers across a gamut of styles?

We spoke with several kitchen and interior designers and came away with three main factors that enable modern stools to work in most kitchens.

Stainless Steel Everywhere

Like it or not, the biggest change in kitchens the past ten to fifteen years has to be the appliances. Megan McArdle says it best in a piece on The Atlantic: "... Stainless steel has become a status good. That's why all those young couples on house hunting shows adamantly shake their heads when they walk into an otherwise charming fixer-upper and say 'No way. I want stainless.'" It doesn't matter if you're adding a high end Jenn-Aire range to a French Country remodel, or low end pieces to a budget contemporary kitchen. Stainless steel appliances are the starting point for most.

That observation really clicked for us. Check out this traditional kitchen:

Traditional white cabinets, ornate vent hood, golden granite countertops, stainless steel range, and... aluminum Soho Counter Stools, a classic modern design. These modern aluminum stools compliment the range, and they're easily tied into the motif with some custom cushions! It turns out stainless steel appliances are bridging the gap to stainless steel bar stools, of which many are modern. Here's another beautiful traditional kitchen accented with modern stainless steel stools:

Modern is Often Minimalist

The second big observation we made pertains to the nature of most modern furniture: understated lines. Put plainly, modern bar stools are easily added into a space without distracting from the look you or your designer are going for. Obviously, we're not talking of our more contemporary and bold designs! 

Below you see another traditional kitchen with white Shaker style cabinets, beige tufted banquette, and clear acrylic and steel stools in the foreground:

Much like our Anime Stool and Viva Barstool, these simple, understated pieces blend right into the space. Of course, the clear acrylic makes that more literal in this example...

Woods Bridge the Gap

The third and final takeaway we heard about from several designers pertained materials used in today's modern designs. Just as stainless steel appliances tie into more modern stools, we found that many modern stool designs are themselves working back towards traditional materials. In particular, mid Century modern designs incorporate a good deal of natural wood finishes. Check out our Satine Counter Stools in the French Country kitchen at left.

That kitchen is a little bland for our taste, but the stools tie right in. 

In the end, kitchen design involves creating a space that feels clean and organic. Whether you prefer a traditional, eclectic... whatever your style. We often find that modern bar stools are a functional and stylish addition to the space. Check out our complete selection of modern bar stools, and see if they work for you!

posted on 9/8/2015



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