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Clarges Dining Table: Shopping Guide

A modern square dining table like the Clarges is an ideal solution for a smaller dining room. If you're in that boat, there's no reason to fret. And you definitely don't need a mansion to make your dining space feel open and airy!

Envisioning the Clarges Dining Table in a smaller dining room, our designers were able to make some easy decisions from the start. Since the Clarges we're working with is black, they focused on choosing lighter items that reflect the natural light around the room. Darker tones tend to make an already small space feel even smaller, but, fortunately, the converse is true too! Whites will really make a small space feel larger.

The Pearl Bookcase and Mayfair Dining Chair were obvious candidates, both in white. Since both are manufactured alongside the Clarges, they feature similar design touches. Mayfair's angled legs play nicely off of the Clarges architectural pedestal base.

Pearl offers you cool modern storage without the visual "weight" of a buffet.

A large floor mirror adds yet another source of reflection, again making your dining room feel larger than it really is!

Coordinating artwork, rug and a vase complete the room for a space that's cool, modern and inviting! Check out each piece below:

  1. Clarges Dining Table
  2. Blue Water Abstract Artwork
  3. Pearl Bookcase
  4. Glam Floor Mirror
  5. Cora Floor Lamp
  6. Aros Spa Blue Rug
  7. Ring Vase
  8. Mayfair Dining Chair

posted on 6/16/2016



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