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The 11 Best Mid Century Modern Sectional Sofas

Are you an avid fan of mid-Century modern furniture and design, or are you just looking for a comfy place to sit and kick your feet up when you get home? In either case, our list of the best Mid Century Modern Sectional Sofas is sure to help you out!

These featured designs are some of our most searched-for and best-selling modern sectional designs, and our customers aren't the only ones who love them: we've tested them extensively and we think they're pretty great, too!

The 11 Best Mid-Century Modern Sectional Sofas

You'll find that each of these mid Century Modern chaise sectional sofas have clean lines and simple yet elegant shapes inspired by the sofas of the 1940's-1970's. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite sectional sofas for your living space!

  1. Charles Velvet Sectional
  2. Anders Mid Century Sectional
  3. Colyn Mid Century Sectional
  4. Meagan Mid Century Modern Sectional
  5. Janis Mid Century Modern Sectional
  6. Leo Sectional
  7. Anders Corner Sectional
  8. Houston Sectional
  9. Matthew Mid Century Sectional Sofa
  10. Basel Sectional
  11. Anders Velour Sectional

What Is a Mid Century Sectional Sofa?

A sectional is an L-shaped couch or sofa. It is essentially a combination of a sofa (or loveseat) and a chaise lounge. Sectional sofas can often be disassembled and reassembled in different configurations, such as moving the chaise from the left to the right side. While there are different styles of sectionals, most of ours are the type known as chaise sectionals - AKA traditional and bumper sectional sofas.

Why Buy a Sectional Sofa?

When you picture a sectional, you might think of a big, baggy behemoth of a sofa that takes up the whole living room while draining it of every ounce of style. But we promise - none of these mid Century modern furniture designs will do you that disservice!

Sectional sofas often make the most use of your living space in terms of "seating added," which means you'll fit more friends for the big game or movie night. Plus, they pair perfectly with some of our contemporary and modern accent chairs! And they all have free shipping!


The Best Types of Sectionals

These are some of the highest quality mid Century modern designs for sectional sofas, so one is bound to suit your contemporary space! In addition to our favorites below, check out our complete seating selection here to find the perfect furniture that suits you and your home. Shop hand-selected brands with the best quality and features.

Here's a few of the styles that you'll find:

Tufted Sectionals

Tufted mid Century modern sectionals often have more of a traditional feel to them, though they're quite modern when paired with the right silhouettes. They are often right at home in a luxurious setting, and include design elements reflective of mid Century modern style. In fact, many on this list are tufted!

Reversible Sectionals

Reversible sectionals are great if you like to rearrange. Instead of buying a "left side chaise" or "right side chaise," you can switch your mid Century modern sectionals around whenever the need arises.

Leather Sectionals

Leather furniture is modern, high quality, elegant, does not harbor dust, and is easy to wipe clean. It comes in sleek and beautiful finishes, but colors may be limited.

Fabric Sectionals

Fabric upholstery can come in such a wide variety of colors and textures! Some of our favorite mid Century modern styles come in a wide array of fabrics, like pink velour! High-quality fabrics on these are durable and scratch-resistant.

Charles Velvet Sectional

The Charles Mid Century Velvet Sectional's transitional style will be right at home in your house if you like to balance on the edge of traditional and contemporary or modern. Plus, its comfort is second to none - always a prime consideration when you're purchasing a sofa! Traditional-style wooden legs complement the rectangular, mid modern silhouette of the sofa.

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This lovely fabric sectional has a grid-like pattern of button tufting on the seat. The fabric is available in your choice of a beautiful grey or mid Century inspired navy blue velvet, designed for comfort and durability. The neutral color is the perfect backdrop for your collection of throw pillows, or go bold with the navy option!

Charles also comes with bolster pillows on either side, and the low arm design of the sofa make for a comfortable armrest.

The Charles Velvet Mid Century Sectional sofa is not reversible, but it is available in right or left-side chaise options so you can fit it to the configuration of your room. Features a durable wood frame and free shipping!

Anders Mid Century Sectional

Looking for a high quality velvet sectional sofa? The opulent Anders Mid Century Modern Sofa with Chaise is an absolute stunner, and it features tons of upscale fabric options! One of our most popular sofas, this mid Century modern design is as stylish as can be - and highly customizable, too.

It has a sleek and modern yet comfortable design, and it'll make a statement in any living space you put it in. It boasts slim seat cushions, three soft back cushions, and an architectural shape that's designed to make a statement.

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The Anders Sectional Sofa is reversible, so you can have the chaise on the right or the left and switch it around whenever you rearrange your room.

If you opt for the velvet upholstery, you'll be tempted to touch your cozy Anders sofa every time you come into the room. It's just that soft! The fabric is absolutely as rich, lustrous, and gorgeous as can be, and it will elevate the style of your home the instant you bring it into the room! Choose from four beautiful, striking color options: Midnight Blue velvet or Navy Blue velvet, Sand, or Slate Grey fabric. And, the metal legs come in silver or gold! Free shipping.

Colyn Mid-Century Modern Sectional

We're not sure we've ever seen a sectional sofa quite so luxe as the Colyn - though it has some close contenders on this list! Classic yet modern, upholstered in sumptuous fabrics with glamorous metal legs, the Colyn sectional is mid Century modern design at its finest. We can imagine it in an opulent den or as the centerpiece of a minimalist living space. The button-tufted cushions and rounded armrests are just dreamy!

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Do you like to have choices? You can customize your Colyn sofa is so many ways. It comes in six amazing color options: from Emerald Green, Coal or even Mulberry velour. Plus, the best part: you can get the metal legs in either gold, black or stainless-steel!

For all you gold lovers, you know it's hard to find gold furniture that makes a statement without being tacky. The Colyn will be the gorgeous, understated jewelry of your home, impressing all your guests and making you smile every time you walk into the room.

This reversible mid Century sectional sofa is easy to reconfigure, so you can have the chaise lounge on the left side or the right side of the sofa and switch back and forth whenever you want. This makes it even easier for the Colyn to fit any space! Free shipping.

Meagan Mid Century Modern Corner Sectional

The Meagan Mid-Century Modern L Shape Sectional blends classic lines and tufting to create a retreat in your home. Measuring more than 9-feet on each side, Meagan is a statement piece - regardless of which color you choose.

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The gently rounded lines are accented by a solid rubberwood frame and legs, creating a retro contrast perfect for satiating your Mid-Century hunger. Meagan's three piece design includes a corner, with mirrored left and right sides, complete with connecting hardware.

Upholstered in 100% polyester, Meagan lets you sprawl out in complete comfort and style. Just select your color, and pop life into your living room today! Free shipping.

Janis Mid Century Sectional

One of our more spacious options, the Janis Mid Century Sectional, is perfect for lounging the day away!

With seating for up to 5 adults, Janis is the answer for small spaces that need to maximize seating and style. At the top of our list or pros is the button-tufted seat that gives the Janis a classy appearance, along with the sturdy steel legs and the plethora of colors and cozy fabrics to choose from.

Janis pairs perfectly with our Constance Concrete Coffee Table!

When you take into account the choice of left or right facing arm and 7 different upholstery and two leg options, you're left with 28 distinct possibilities to choose from!

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If you're looking for a sectional for a larger space, Janis is also your gal. Place it in the middle of your living room to break it up a bit by dividing and defining your area. Add a few more key pieces like a console table, a few occasional chairs, a coffee table, and end table and you'll be set. This versatility is what makes our Janis Sectional a top contender. Free shipping.

Leo Mid Century Sectional

A truly modern sectional, our Leo Mid Century Modern Sofa with Chaise blends sleek lines with bold colors and fabrics into an upscale design perfect for your modern living room. Leo begins with a hardwood frame, wrapping the mod shape in three layers of plush foam to create a space that's firm yet comfortable, guaranteed to look chic for years to come.

Available in left and right hand configurations, each Leo Sectional includes a two seat sofa and coordinating chaise creating a strong silhouette that's easy to unwind on. Choose the relatively subdued Coconut Boucle option, or go with one of Leo's two-tone designs that marries coordinating fabrics on each of the two pieces.

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The Dusk variation pairs a plush velour loveseat with matching boucle chaise. The Shadow Grey velour loveseat pairs with a Charcoal boucle chaise. And, finally, the Black velour synchs up strikingly with the Salt & Pepper boucle.

The Leo Sectional is a bold modern design for the truly adventurous! Free shipping.

Anders Corner Sectional

Classic and dramatic, the Anders Corner is a generous sofa designed to make a statement! Anders features a two piece design - three seat sofa paired with two seat loveseat - that measures nearly 9-feet in each direction! Anders' sleek shape is underpinned by your choice of steel legs, a solid wood frame and webbed seating surfaces.

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Slim, classically styled arms and removable cushions pair perfectly with Anders overall aesthetic. Available in a myriad of colors, from fresh Blush pink to eye-catching Salt & Pepper, the Anders Corner manages to blend a lithe silhouette with lavish proportions and comfort into a grand corner design you're going to absolutely love!

Just choose your upholstery and leg combination and let Anders transform your space into a stylish retreat. Free shipping.

Houston Sectional

A blend of Scandinavian design and craftsmanship with superior comfort, Houston offers a deep seat and soft, fully removable (and reversible) cushions filled with feather and down in a light and airy silhouette.

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Its serene impression is both intentional and welcomed. Houston garners its inspiration from modern architecture with an elegantly cubic form supported by slim pillars. Houston is visually light with narrow, rounded, and perfectly tailored arms and backs to maximize seating area.

Round, decorative, bolsters keep the back pillows from sliding. Finished in rich, textured fabrics in basketweave patterns with matte black powder-coated steel legs, proportionally framing the sofa. Free shipping.

Matthew Sectional

The Matthew sectional sofa has a mid-century modern style that's trendy and classic at the same time! If you're looking for a neutral-colored, low-profile, subdued-looking sofa featuring a durable wood frame, the Matthew is perfect for you.

But this modern sofa doesn't just fade into the background. It'll be the centerpiece of your living room, while still allowing the rest of your dècor to shine!

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The beautiful brushed steel legs give this sofa a modern edge, and the angles of the metal legs balance out the curves of the couch. You can choose from three upholstery options: Shale Grey, which is a medium tone that gives you a trendy modern look, Shadow Grey, which is a luxurious, moody deep black, and Sand, if you prefer a light and bright cream color. They're all beautiful, durable fabrics - it makes it hard to choose!

The Matthew's ottoman design makes it all the easier to change the configuration of the sectional when you want to rearrange your space. This reversible sectional sofa makes it extra-easy for you to switch between a left orientation or right orientation, because all you have to do is slide the ottoman to the opposite side and flip the cushion over. Free shipping.

Basel Sectional

As far as mid Century sectional sofas go, Basel is a modern interpretation on a classic silhouette. With its exacting design of sleek armrests, free shipping and solid base, Basel will suit any contemporary room or space.

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With its deep, wide seating, the Basel seating profile is made of foam and dacron ensuring optimal comfort and support. To balance its tight seat, Basel integrates soft lines in the form of back pillows, made of feather and down.

These ultra soft cushions create an embracing affect, underscoring the Basel's position of luxury. Finished in rich, textured fabrics in basketweave patterns. Sofa frame features solid alder wood. Hidden, recessed legs lift the frame off the floor. Free shipping.

Anders Velour Sectional

A variation on the puplar Anders Collection, this velour version makes a statement!

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From blush pink to midnight blue, with three options for the legs, you're bound to find a retro color combination that fits your keen design sense!

In Conclusion

That wraps up our Best Mid-Century Modern Chaise Sectional Sofas! As you can see, there are mid-century modern sectional sofas for just about any home and dècor style. Though they all have the hallmarks of mid-century modern and contemporary furniture, you can choose from such a wide variety of shapes and materials to find the sofa that's perfect for you and your home.

Having a Hard Time Deciding? How to Pick the Right Sectional Sofa

Need a little help choosing? Some people have a picture in their head of exactly what they want, but most of us struggle to figure out exactly what furniture pieces are right for our homes. All of the above have free shipping and are from some of the best brands, so you don't need to worry about that!

Here is a quick checklist of things to do to help you shop and pick the right sectional sofa.

  • Measure the Space - First, you need to make sure you find a sofa that fits your space. Measure the area where you're going to put the sofa. Each sofa has the width, length, and height dimensions listed (just click the links to find the product listings). We recommend using painter's tape and taping out the dimensions on your floor, so you can make sure the furniture fits your room without looking too big or small.
  • Determine the Configuration - Sectionals are a little trickier than other sofas because you have to figure out if you need a left or right orientation. So, figure out which way your sofa will face, and make sure to get the right orientation or choose a reversible sectional.
  • Choose a Color - We usually recommend neutrals (like white, black, gray, tan) unless you absolutely fall in love with a brighter color and are sure you'll love it for a long time. If you love color and you decide to go for a neutral sofa, you can always add color to the room using throw pillows and blankets, rugs, or paint. If you love light colors, go ahead and pull the trigger. Today's modern upholstery is easy to clean! But if you love a moody look, there are plenty of dark greys, navy blues, and blacks that will look amazing in your space.

Didn't find a sectional on this list that suits your home and your style? Rest assured, we have plenty more modern living room furniture to choose from, most with free shipping! This is just a small sample of our selection of stunning modern sectionals and sofas! We know you'll love any of our mid Century modern designs, so go forth and shop!

Originally posted 6/11/2018. Revised.

posted on 7/29/2021



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