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The Best White Office Chair Designs to #WorkIt in 2021

Looking for a clean stylish white office chair? Don't worry! We've got you covered.

With the Covid-19 pandemic looming upon us, most of us have already set up our home offices and have been working from home for nearly a year now.

That being said, with numerous vaccine candidates now publishing positive results, we may expect offices to start filling up in the next few months.

Whether you're an employee looking forward to leveling up your home office or an employer wanting to remodel your workspace, an ergonomic upscale white office chair is what you should be looking for.

If you're like us, aesthetics are important. Chunky and old school chairs can be downright hideous, not to mention their poor design and functionalities.

Not only do they look and feel terrible, but they cause a world full of problems like back pain, muscle fatigue, cramping, stiffness, impeded circulation, etc.

According to a well-known orthopedic surgeon Dr. Marc Agulnick, "If you are sitting for a longer period of time in a position that's not natural or is just bad from a postural standpoint, then over the course of time it'll end up breaking your spine."

Also, uncomfortable chairs reduce productivity levels, which is why it's now more important than ever to purchase a perfect stylish ergonomic chair that'll not just boost your productivity levels but also level up your #StyleGame in your home office or workspace.

A few of the benefits of purchasing the right ergonomic office chair model include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased comfort
  • Added support that improves focus
  • Decreased workplace distraction
  • Reduced neck problem risks
  • Minimized back, hip and neck pain

When it comes to setting up your office and finding the best office chair(s), it comes down to style, comfort, and functionality.

As there's a world full of options just a few clicks away, you and your partners may find yourselves getting confused over how to choose - the design, model, color, and various other factors you need to consider.

"Furniture must have personality and must also be beautiful."

While purchasing the right ergonomic chair model is crucial, it's important to make sure that you are choosing an office chair design that brings elegance to your workplace or home office.

And there's no color better than white to make your workspace look cool, calming, give the right type of ambiance, appear professional, and feel welcoming.

"White isn't a mere absence of color; it's shining and affirmative; as fierce as red, and as definite as black."
- G.K. Chesterton

 The reasons why you should opt for a white chair? Let's look at the benefits:

  • Reflects the Light
  • Looks Modern & Stylish
  • Is Versatile
  • Looks Calming
  • Is Flexible & Easy to Find (thanks to us!)

This blog post lists out the top 10 white desk chair designs that'll level up your home office or workspace in 2021. While preparing this list, we evaluated the following factors:

  • Design
  • Budget
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Seat Depth
  • Height Adjustability
  • Appearance

Let's look at the collection!

The 10 Best White Office Chair Designs to Level Up Your Workspace

  1. Franklin Office Chair
  2. Antonio Office Chair
  3. Oscar Office Chair
  4. Zephyr Office Chair
  5. Lucia Office Chair
  6. Classica Office Chair
  7. Diamond Office Chair
  8. Revelry Gold Office Chair
  9. Revelry Executive Office Chair
  10. Enterprise Low Back Office Chair

Let's get started!

Franklin White Office Chair

This office chair doesn't just look different but feels timeless and blends in with different decors, whether it's a residential property or a commercial space.

Simple details and sweet precision make the Franklin Office Chair a truly rewarding furniture piece.

The chair's design itself can make you go "wow."

From its vinyl cushioned and delicately ribbed mid-back and waterfall seat to its five dual-wheel nylon casters, the Franklin White Office Chair is a masterpiece.

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The chair features padded vinyl upholstery, polished aluminum base, chrome steel armrests, height-adjustable full swivel, tension-knob seat tilt control, and so much more.

The height-adjustable pneumatic lever, as well as tension knob, serve just one purpose: Controlling the chair's backward tilt.

Antonio White Office Chair

Right here is a bold and classic masterpiece that boasts a modern profile to achieve that much-desired higher-end look.

While it's available in different colors, namely Dark Grey, White & Black, the product designers behind Antonio have spent hours brainstorming numerous ideas and finalizing a design piece to give you an undeniable blend of comfort and style that's just perfect for anyone and everyone sitting on it.

This chair has been constructed with a five-point base as well as chrome capped nylon casters that'll protect your floor and chrome steel frame and arms.

You can adjust the seat height from 18.75-21.75" depending on what's comfortable for you, while its depth is 17". Also, the arm height ranges between 27 and 30".

So, for those looking forward to remodeling their office space, whether it's commercial or home, or just want a perfect chair that doesn't just look classy but also promotes their health, the White Antonio Office Chair is one of the best pieces we have to offer. And... it's a staff favorite!

Just look at how upscale this chair looks. How can you not fall in love?

Oscar Office Chair in White

Available both with soft neoprene arm pads and without, while designing the Oscar Office Chair, our manufacturer had two things in mind: Comfort & Health.

With padded cushions and an ergonomic shape, this chair is highly-popular and recommended for the level of comfort it has attached to it.

This office chair's stylish frame has been fabricated from chromed steel. Also, it features a rolling 5-point base and a locking tilt-adjustment.

As a result of its innovative commercial-grade gas lift, you can easily adjust the seat from 19-21.5".

Sounds impressive, doesn't it? But wait! There's more!

The Oscar Office Chair is available in numerous colors, but with white being our favorite and the one that looks absolutely stunning and futuristic, it's upholstered in a durable leatherette.

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From being stylish to affordable to versatile, Oscar Office Chair may just be what you really need to make sure that your home office or workplace looks its absolute best.

Zephyr Office Chair in White

With cutting-edge ergonomics and classic design, this chair features the staples you would expect while also being futuristic at the same time.

Trust us, Zephyr was built for comfort as much as style.

Every feature that you can possibly imagine, right from adjustable height seat to flip-up arms to seat tilt with tension control, you'll find right here.

Zephyr behaves exactly like you want it to. It's BIFMA Tested & Approved and delivers the utmost level of comfort, all thanks to its sponge seat that's covered with a white leatherette cover.

It's time for the new era to shine. Let's be a part.

Lucia Office Chair in White

Another favorite design of ours - the classic Lucia Office Chair, is simple yet beautiful.

Designed by the top-tier designers themselves, this chair epitomizes flawless craftsmanship.

Upholstered in eco-friendly, durable Naugahyde, not only is Lucia good for commercial spaces but will also look absolutely stunning in your home office as well.

So, whether you work from your bedroom or storeroom, or living space, don't worry about this chair not going well with the décor. Lucia will blend in. Features a gas lift mechanism, chromed steel frame and base, and five chrome capped castors, ensuring mobility.

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And if you love the simple and beautiful furniture pieces, then Lucia is definitely for you. Don't wait around to add this unique collection to your home office or commercial workplace.

Classica Office Chair in White

The retro and modern Classica Office Chair will just fit in any or every office space, whether it's residential or commercial, dark or bright, big or small, due to its stunning ribbed design.

Featuring a leatherette sling back and seat with stitched ribbing, chrome steel tube frame, chrome finished arms, this chair will make you or anyone else sitting on it smarter.

This chair also features an adjustable seat height from 18.25-21.75".

Trust us; you'll be falling in love with the complete 360-degree swivel rotation, which lets you roll; roll in style - all because of its dual-wheel castors, easy-gliding, and truly impressive 5-star aluminum base.

Diamond Office Chair in White

Simple and clean! Upscale and comfortable! That's what the Diamond Office Chair has in store for you.

Bringing elegance to any workspace, the Diamond Office Chair is a plush vinyl office chair that'll give you the highest grade of comfort without compromising its quality even a bit.

This chair features five hooded casters, a polished chrome frame, two padded vinyl arms and can blend in with any décor right in just any workspace.

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For people looking for something that's classy, simple, and doesn't put a heavy strain on their pocket, the Diamond Office Chair is truly a diamond (without the rough!).

Revelry White & Gold Office Chair

Now's the time to bring glam to your home office or workspace with the Revelry White & Gold Office Chair.

A chair that combines luxury and style.

Right from its top-notch design to its ergonomic comfort, all you'll hear is praises for this piece of art.

This chair is more than enough to elevate your modern office's décor.

So, want your workplace to look futuristic, classy, and professional?

The Revelry Gold Office Chair is what you'll just need.

Say "Goodbye" to your back and neck pain thanks to its ergonomic lumbar support, as the ribbed faux leather sling seating will conform to your sitting position.

Revelry features a 360-degree gold swivel stainless steel base, quick and easy one-touch height adjustment mechanism, five dual casters ensuring easy mobility.

Its modern and luxurious design will bring in a fresh and modern look to your workplace and boost everyone's productivity levels, all with a touch of class.

Revelry White Executive Chair

The Revelry White Executive Office Chair is an island called style bringing in waves of positive vibes.

While sculpting this chair, the designers wanted to come up with a chair design that just worked. Something that looked and felt good while also being comfortable for anyone sitting on it.

And here, the Revelry Executive Office Chair is the end-product.

Talking about its functionality, the chair's durable ribbed vinyl back providing natural posture support makes it feel as good as it looks.

The arms and seat cushion are padded so that anyone can type better and, with comfort, maximize a 90-degree elbow angle.

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Finally, Revelry is constructed with a chrome-plated aluminum base, five dual-wheel castors, tilt lock with tension control, and embodies the spirit of determination as well as progress.

Endeavor Office Chair in white

Not only is the Endeavor Office Chair stylish, but it's highly affordable as well.

Featuring a tapered back and plush seat, tufted in white leatherette (you can go with the black or espresso brown ones as well), five-point base, chrome arms, Endeavor is a highly-desirable solution and perfect for commercial use or residential.

The Endeavor Low Back Office Chair's hydraulic gas lift allows you to adjust the seat from 17.5-20.5".


Purchasing a fully-functional and, at the same time, stunningly designed ergonomic office chair is crucial.

Different chairs are suitable for different office activities, depending on their features, which makes it really important for the buyer, i.e., you, to go through each one of the chair's features and evaluate different factors like design, budget, durability, comfort, seat depth, height adjustability, appearance, etc.

As always, feel free to email us with any questions!

posted on 1/19/2021



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